STiNO helps businesses to inform, promote and entertain their target audience with its innovative digital marketing products and technologies. Ascentae is the exclusive UK distributor of STiNO’s extensive range of solutions.


A specialist developer and manufacturer of digital signage software for audiovisual communication solutions for more than 17 years, STiNO offers a range of intuitive web-based content management software – from stand-alone systems to dynamic digital signage networks and cloud-based services.

STiNO’s software solutions are used in more than 30 countries around the globe, supported by its worldwide network of certified partners. The company’s solutions are used in a wide range of industries – in excess of 40,000 screens are currently deployed with STiNO software, in sectors such as education, healthcare, telecommunication and retail.

From the World Trade Centre in Mexico to UK hospitals and airports, sporting arenas in Germany and major hotel chains in the Middle East, STiNO products are in action informing and engaging the public and employees.

The company is one of the only providers to offer digital signage software that supports diversified hardware platforms – from PC to SoC systems running Windows, Android and Linux operating systems. STiNO also delivers support for fully interactive applications via multi-touch displays, as well as remote management possibilities using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.


We are proud to be the only distributor in the UK to offer STiNO solutions and be part of the company’s global network of certified partners.


Digital signage is one of the fastest growing trends in the current marketing landscape and has become a fundamental part of improving the customer experience in sectors such as retail, hospitality, and entertainment. A growing number of public-facing businesses are installing interactive digital signage to provide access to timely and relevant information, drive engagement and help customers feel more connected.


Designed to help businesses better connect with their target audiences, STiNO’s solutions help thousands of organisations to inform and promote their products and improve engagement with customers.

STiNO’s core solutions are: iChannel, a web-based content management system for digital signage, touchPromoter, its stand-alone kiosk and touch presentation software that creates interactive presentations for multi-touch displays and the ePromoter management App that manages screen promotions without the need for a dedicated server. The company has also designed software for door signage with its innovative eDoorSign solution and in early 2018 STiNO is set to launch its brand new interactive smart meeting and collaboration software, touchMeeting.

Web-based system

The iChannel server software platform is STiNO’s CMS solution for digital signage and visual marketing applications. The web-based system architecture is available as Cloud-based SaaS license or as an on-premises perpetual license. iChannel supports Widows and Android-based players. Extensions are available for kiosk and interactive, as well as support for ePromoter as a simplified management tool for smartphone or tablet.

Straightforward management

The ePromoter management App allows businesses to easily manage their screen promotions without the need for a dedicated server. It is built to allow straightforward management of content play-out of images, videos and HTML-templates in local networks from Android tablet or smartphone. ePromoter is available as a stand-alone or as simplified frontend in combination with iChannel CMS.

Interactive touch presentation

The touchPromoter software is a stand-alone kiosk and interactive touch presentation software that creates interactive presentations for multi-touch displays within a few minutes. A number of different menus and apps such as Swipe, Book Flip, Puzzle, Google Maps, Browser and others can be easily configured with the touchPromoter Configurator tool.

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