Vpod Communications technology that takes customer service to the highest level

As a leading supplier of communication solutions, the Vpod team has created an evolution in the way businesses and services talk to people.

The Vpod team is a collaboration of dedicated and driven individuals whose products are a result of their combined expertise in product design, innovation, technology, software, content, digital services, manufacturing, creativity, customer focus and project management, skills that have all been acquired working with businesses globally.

The company takes the name of its state of the art technology, Vpod, a complete communications solution incorporating hardware, software and content that works on any

internet-enabled device. The seamless video communications tool is at the forefront of a new kind of customer interaction for businesses in sectors such as healthcare, banking and retail.

The Vpod team knows that every client’s needs are different and that underlines the design and creation of their solutions. Vpod connects businesses with customers and Vgreet provides the most flexible communication option to influence and inform at each point of contact.

Conversations anywhere and at anytime

The Vpod Portal software means customers can start a conversation with organisations anytime and anywhere. For those businesses that need a physical contact point for their shoppers, visitors or tenants, Vgreet is one of the company’s innovative physical products that provides the all-important customer touchpoint.

Flexible communications solution

In functionality and appearance, Vgreet is similar to a giant smartphone. It is an incredibly flexible communications solution with intuitive touch-screen technology that will be immediately familiar to anyone who owns a smart device. For those organisations who want to add a true personal touch, Vgreet also boasts fully customisable functions that are easily adapted to reflect a company’s brand identity.


The video conferencing solution that opens up service in a way that no other product can.

A more human way of communicating

Ascentae is a distributor of Vgreet, the product that offers a more human way of communicating with customers, clients and colleagues. The free-standing or recessed video communications kiosk enables deployment of video and audio while simultaneously displaying content. The Vgreet station uses video conferencing technology, along with content management software, to provide endless face-to-face interactive opportunities.

Fully adaptable

Vgreet is fully adaptable and can be tailored to integrate with technologies controlled via third-party software solutions. The customisable functions allow every company to make it their own, as Vgreet can easily be adapted to reflect a specific brand or product identity. Optional features including image and data capture, motion detection, visitor badge printing and contactless payment options, the personality of each unit is determined by the precise business needs – not the limits of the technology.

Vgreet can be used for multiple applications, as a receptionist, healthcare hub, building security system, sales assistant, digital signage, product showcase or concierge – it can extend an organisation’s reach to its customers. As a highly flexible communication point, it can perform a number of roles – from allowing visitors secure access to a premises, showcasing products in-store, or perhaps providing assistance and searchable directories of professionals in large businesses. With Centralised expertise can be delivered to multiple locations. The Vpod team has designed the user interface to be fully responsive to the device it’s installed on, so there’s no compromise or frustration depending on the device used.

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