• VXL Software leads the way in software development for digital signage, enterprise management and mobile device management. VXL Software is a global leader in software development for digital signage, enterprise device management and mobile device management. For more than 25 years, VXL has built an enviable worldwide reputation creating products and solutions that consistently set new standards for both performance and value.

The company produces world-class software that solves business problems efficiently and economically and has grown to become a trusted supplier to organisations around the globe. VXL’s software is available through its network of channel partners and for the UK market, Ascentae is the sole distributor of its innovative digital signage software solution, Illumineye.

A key product in our portfolio, the Illumineye DS suite is a highly versatile and flexible digital signage solution that combines feature-rich software with powerful dedicated media players. For further information on how Illumineye makes digital signage possible for every business, see the product page.

Illumineye DS SuiteBringing limitless applications across all business sectors 

Displaying up-to-date information is a key requirement for many businesses. Yet too many digital signage display systems can be expensive, incomplete or unfriendly to use. Illumineye DS suite from VXL Software is a complete digital signage solution that’s inexpensive with no hidden extras, powerful and very user-friendly. Encompassing both media player hardware and creator/manager software, Illumineye DS suite is designed to make high-quality digital signage available to everyone at a more affordable price than ever before.

Illumineye is a highly versatile and flexible digital signage solution and is the ideal partner for retail, transport, restaurant, leisure, healthcare, financial and public sector environments. It’s designed to be easy to use – small businesses without professional design experience can adopt it as readily as larger businesses with dedicated design teams. Because Illumineye is competitively priced, it makes digital signage possible for organisations of all sizes. Created to display content such as high-resolution digital images and video, text, live TV, social media and ticker feeds, digital signage software has become one of the most effective marketing communication tools for today’s forward-thinking businesses.

No experience needed

Illumineye Creator is a Windows-based application which allows users to design their own digital signage with no professional graphic design experience needed. Illumineye Creator is very powerful – able to incorporate just about any kind of media into the digital signage, including video, images, text, audio, tickers, RSS feeds, plus feeds from webcams and live television, You-tube, Flickr & Twitter, QR codes, Office documents and more.

Simple management

Illumineye digital displays are driven by powerful, low-cost, energy-efficient media players – which are controlled remotely via VXL Software’s, wizard-based, Illumineye DS Manager software. Content can be scheduled to be displayed at specific times, with defined intervals, repetitions. Changes can be rolled out with ease and reports generated detailing playlist approvals and more.

Complete solution

Illumineye’s dedicated software media players, IQ-L (HD 720p) and IQ-B series (Full HD 1080p & 4K), display content on the screen panels of your choice. Illumineye media players are built to integrate with Illumineye Creator and Illumineye DS Manager – working together, they deliver a powerful, complete, digital signage solution.

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