Five Ways for Organisations to Achieve Successful Hybrid Working

Hybrid working is becoming the standard model of flexible working. The challenge for organisations now is how to support that way of working so it works well – now and in the years ahead.

Here are five ways technology can help to support hybrid and flexible models in the future workplace.

1. Manage Your Workplace the Smart Way

Using smart workplace management solutions – like GoBright for desk booking and room booking – gives organisations greater control of how their space is used. Together with digital signage and wayfinding, it also makes it easier for employees and visitors to find workspace, be with colleagues, meet and collaborate. Everything managed and tracked.

2. Use Data to Support Decision-Making and Minimise Risk

Over time, organisations can use data from visitor and booking activity to plan accurately for future workplace needs. If organisations invest in smart, flexible technology that can expand and upgrade as required, it minimises risk. The data can guide business-critical decision making.

3. Provide a Great Experience in the Office

Employees have got used to working remotely and from home. If organisations fail to make the office an even better experience for their people, it could lead to disappointment, frustration and rejection.

Activity tracking data together with employee consultation can help to cut costs on unused office space. Instead, organisations can invest in technology and the types of office space employees actually need to work effectively and productively.

4. Create Intelligent Meeting Rooms

Creating an Intelligent Meeting Room makes the meeting experience a good one for all, both in the office and remote.

Having the right kind and combination of display, audio and camera means employees can focus on the work – instead of on typical tech glitches. ‘One Touch Join’ technology makes the joining experience seamless and scalable.

5. Make Collaborating Easy for Everyone

Effective visual collaboration in hybrid working requires that all participants can be seen, heard and feel fully engaged. Technology solutions such as MAXHUB displays, Huddly cameras, Nureva audio, Evoko Delo meeting connectivity, and Valarea collaborative and planning tools help to deliver that fully engaged experience.

How Will the Future Workplace Look?

A 2022 survey by the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) revealed 78% of employers now offer hybrid working – but are unsure how long it will last. Opinions are divided, as Noreen McKechnie of Diamond Search Recruitment explains in this video…

Whatever the long-term picture, hybrid working and flexible working are with us today – and are unlikely to go away any time soon. Organisations must embrace it and put the right support in place to make it work now and in the near future.

Author: Michael Wilcox