People Counting Next Gen Camera

The camera scans the room for meeting participants and actively counts the number of meeting members, helping you record meeting attendance and room useage.

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Genius Framing

Genius FramingWhat You See

Capture everyone in the room, even those who are sitting close to the camera. Thanks to a custom high-resolution image sensor and an ultra-wide-angle lens, everyone is seen clearly and can be a part of the conversation.

Genius FramingWhat The Camera See's

Powered by AI, the camera can see, understand, and respond to what is happening in the room to deliver smart experiences like Genius Framing and Portrait Lighting.

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    • Background Noise

    • Device Usage

    • Room Acoustic Rating

    • Room Occupancy

    • Room Occupancy

    • People Counting

    • Unwanted Objects Left In Room

    • Meeting Room Usage

    • Type of Meeting

    • Which UC Platforms Are The Most Popular

    • Which Software Is Used

    • Fault Reporting