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Digital signage  –  Hotels check in to the latest solutions for guests


Digital signage – Hotels check in to the latest solutions for guests

Those initial few minutes after a guest steps inside a hotel lobby are so important to the overall customer experience. Opinions are formed within seconds yet they may stay etched in the memory of visitors for years. This is obviously one of the major reasons why hoteliers spend millions of pounds designing and refurbishing the public reception areas in order to showcase their property and give the right impression to every single guest. 

Many focus their efforts on creating a design that reflects their brand, it could be based on the latest ‘open plan lobby’ concept, a high-tech minimalist look or a cosy boutique vibe. Whatever the style, a critical element that has to be factored into the overall look and feel is the signage and using it to enhance the guests’ experience by delivering useful information in a clear and interesting way.  

Digital signage is one trend the hospitality industry is taking full advantage of front of house to showcase their property and entice guests to extend their time – and spend – within the operation. The latest digital signage solutions can improve a guest’s visit while making a location look more modern and upscale. It enables access to timely and relevant information and also drives engagement, helping guests to feel more connected while reinforcing key aspects of the brand. There are so many ways to utilise digital signage to differentiate the hotel experience for visitors and boost revenue opportunities for the property owners. 

In a digital world, many hotel guests don’t necessarily require person-to-person contact for basic information. Prominently placed digital signage can cut reception desk queues and be used for everything from wayfinding maps to local restaurant guides. Digital signage can also double as a marketing tool by displaying reward programs and seasonal promotions offered by the hotel.  

Providing basic information such as hotel amenities and weather reports may be obvious, however, it is also a subtle way to promote target areas and encourage guests to visit other areas of the hotel to drive incremental revenue. Targeted messages can be updated in real time in line with the latest promotion and used to cross-sell, whether it’s to grow restaurant takings or increase spa bookings.  

Digital signage is an ideal way to present event information and act as a guide to visitors. The key for hoteliers is to invest in solutions that are easy to adjust, customise and update so the signage can be quickly modified to provide timely information and create customised content that perfectly matches the event. Utilising digital signage provides a valuable selling point when negotiating with businesses who are considering using the hotel for an event.  

Hotels and hospitality businesses questioning the ROI from deploying digital signage need look no further than the vast array of advertising opportunities. Advertising in a hotel reception area and capturing the attention of thousands of guests is a highly attractive marketing prospect for external businesses and event sponsors. Hoteliers can take full advantage and generate an additional profit stream by selling advertising. 

For all kinds of hospitality and hotel applications, VXL’s Software’s Illumineye DS Suite provides an ideal interactive information display and advertising solution. Illumineye is inexpensive, powerful and very easy to use and the solution offers support for live data feeds and touch-screen displays – as well as delivering powerful, high-resolution advertising.  Digital campaigns can be created quickly, incorporating text, images, tickers, video and audio relevant to the hotel’s target audience. For a 24/7 industry, the solution also enables content to be scheduled and displayed at specific times, set up in advance. 

For hotels focusing on the ambience and effectiveness of their front of house, digital signage can play a vital role. These solutions can improve customer service and boost incremental profit, while delivering an enhanced digital experience for all hotel guests. Expect a welcome reception from those thinking ahead in the hospitality industry. 

Author: Ascentae

Published: 12 October 2017