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Meeting the Service Standards at Berendsen’s UK Head Office


Meeting the Service Standards at Berendsen’s UK Head Office

As a leading supplier of textiles, hygiene and safety solutions to thousands of organisations all over Europe, Berendsen’s head office in London is a constant hub of activity. The first floor of the imposing Knightsbridge building provides an innovative workspace for more than 40 employees, from product designers and engineers to senior management executives.  

Berendsen works across a variety of sectors including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies and delivers a complete textile rental and laundry service. Customer service and operational excellence are fundamental to the success of the business, which is why the company focuses on building strong relationships between its teams, working collaboratively with customers and partners to deliver the best possible service.  

Employee communication and engagement are high on Berendsen’s agenda and due to the nature of its business and the level of strategic organisation required, the head office meeting rooms are in high demand.  The modern, open-plan workspace at the 1 Knightsbridge building consists of six identical meeting rooms and one larger conference room, all continuously used by Berendsen employees. Managing the room booking and schedule effectively is a challenge, so when Berendsen looked at upgrading its IT and AV facilities earlier this year, meeting room solutions were a key consideration.  

Berendsen worked closely with one of Ascentae’s network of partners, Generation Digital, a company that consults with its clients to digitally transform how their organisations work. As well as being a platform neutral partner of industry-leading technology companies, Generation Digital supports businesses looking to improve collaboration, engagement, analysis and reporting to help them succeed in an ever-changing market.  

A major part of the Berendsen technology upgrade included the installation of several solutions by Swedish design innovators, Evoko.  

(A Generational Digital Spokesperson) said: “In the meeting room space, there were two different considerations. Firstly, a solution that would enable staff to easily identify meeting room availability and bring more efficiency to meeting planning, and secondly an audio solution to improve the sound quality for all participants during conference calls. The Evoko products were a natural fit for Berendsen, next generation technology for a very forward-thinking company.” 

Generation Digital worked with leading UK distributor, Ascentae, to implement seven Evoko Liso room manager solutions and eight separate Evoko Minto conference devices throughout Berendsen’s office space. 

Simon Privett, Evoko Product Manager at Ascentae said: “Prior to the technology upgrade, employees were using Outlook to book meetings, which didn’t meet their requirement to book rooms quickly or identify an available room if they needed meeting space at short notice. In addition, there was a high use of mobile phones and laptops for calls and meetings and this made it difficult to collaborate and involve multiple staff when using meeting rooms.”   

The Evoko Liso systems installed at Berendsen are next generation touch-screen solutions that manage meeting room bookings. The system was designed to make sure meeting rooms are being used effectively and remove the all too common problems of double bookings, unnecessary confusion and interrupted meetings. With Evoko Liso, employees can now book a room with either a digital calendar or directly on the screen using a fingertip. 

“All information is presented on a small digital touchscreen and it actually changes on the display when someone walks up to it, so it always shows the most relevant details,” explains Pivett. “The employees can book, end or extend a meeting directly from the clock or use the calendar to search for other rooms based on availability, size and equipment. It simplifies the whole process of meeting room management.”  

Inside the Berendsen meeting rooms, the Evoko Minto phone conferencing solutions will improve the overall audio experience. One of the system’s outstanding features is its ability to hear the main speaker, as its four directive microphones alternate to capture only the voice of the person talking and ignore all other noise distractions. The Evoko Minto also operates with employees’ mobile phones, tablets and laptops via Bluetooth or cable. As Berensden now have a bank of eight Mintos together, it will give them the freedom to take the wireless systems into meeting rooms as and when required and use them with their chosen devices.  

The upgrade project has now been completed at Berendsen's head office and the modern workspace will encourage even more collaboration among its hard-working employees. As the company focuses on maintaining the highest standards of service for its European customers, its head office meeting rooms will be put to full and effective use, transformed by the latest technological solutions. 

Author: Ascentae

Published: 12 October 2017