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VXL Software appoints Ascentae as its new UK distributor


VXL Software appoints Ascentae as its new UK distributor

Ascentae to spearhead VXL's Illumineye Digital Signage software business strategy.

Surrey, UK, 7th November 2017 – VXL, a global leader in both software creation, including digital signage, unified endpoint management and PC repurposing, has entered into a new distribution agreement with Ascentae to distribute its new ‘Illumineye DS suite’ digital signage software to resellers in the UK.

Ascentae is a specialist distributor, focused on bringing disruptive technologies to market. Based in the UK, Ascentae work with brands who create innovative solutions to enhance modern working and learning environments.

Frank Noon, VXL VP Worldwide Sales commented; “Ascentae’s expertise as a leading value-added distributor in this sector makes them an ideal partner for our new digital signage business strategy”. “Together we’re perfectly placed to take advantage of the current and projected growth in demand for digital signage solutions” he added.   

Digital signage is a massive market worldwide, worth over $27bn USD by 2022 according to a report by market research firm Markets and Markets. “We believe that the potential market size could actually be far larger if the technology was opened up to a wider customer demographic”, commented VXL’s VP for Worldwide Sales, Frank Noon. “That’s what we aim to do with Illumineye DS Suite by not only making one of the easiest solutions for people to use but also simplifying the sales proposition with an out-right purchase of a perpetual license for indefinite usage with yearly support" he added.

Illumineye is a combination of a powerful, Windows-based creator/manager software suite and dedicated media players. Both are sold as a bundle; at a one-off price which Noon believes offers the best value in the market. “Our software and media player stands – in terms of features – at least shoulder-to-shoulder with leading solutions. But we want to create a ‘desktop publishing revolution’ in digital signage, where organisations of any size can access the kind of power previously only available to professionals. It’s a complete package – customers just add their own display.”

Jon Knight, Commercial Director of Ascentae also commented, “VXL Software’s new Illumineye digital signage solution represents a welcome addition to our existing product portfolio and provides a game-changing solution for our customer base looking for an easy-to-use and cost-effective digital signage with a difference.”  

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About VXL Software

VXL Software is a global company, with offices in Asia, EMEA and the USA and software solutions including Illumineye Digital Signage Suite, Unified Endpoint Manager, Fusion EMM and CloudDesktop PC repurposing.

VXL Software is a division of VXL Instruments. Established in 1976, VXL has locations in the USA, UK, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, India and Singapore. VXL Software’s Americas Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The European headquarters is in Manchester. VXL Software’s development team, and the Asia Pacific headquarters, are based in Mumbai, India.

VXL also manufactures the world’s widest and most advanced line-up of desktop thin clients and zero clients, which offers something at every performance level and for almost every use.

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Author: Ascentae

Published: 07 November 2017