Nureva’s groundbreaking Microphone Mist technology fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones, so everyone can be heard, from everywhere.

At its heart is the very real concept of virtual microphones. A virtual microphone is an individual audio pickup point created when two or more physical microphones work together to focus their pickup patterns on a specific zone. Each virtual mic behaves similarly to an omnidirectional microphone being placed at that point in the room.

Nureva configurable zones
Flexible pickup

Configurable microphone pickup zone for open spaces up to 15.1m x 9.2m

Processing power
Advanced system processing capability: 15,000 MIPS for the HDL200 and HDL300. 25,000+ MIPS for Dual HDL300.
Advanced features 
Position-based gain control, continuous autocalibration, full-duplex transmission, acoustic echo cancellation, built-in sound masking.
Evolving platform
With a history of one groundbreaking innovation after another, you can count on Nureva solutions to constantly improve.

Active Zone Control

Active Zone Control emphasises pickup of the virtual mics in a controlled “active” zone at the front of the room while inhibiting pickup from the virtual mics in the rest of the space. Lecturers or presenters can leave lapel mics, headsets and the hassles of changing batteries behind. Moving freely within the space.

Intelligent sound targeting

HVAC and other unwanted sounds can seriously affect conference call audio – ultimately causing frustration and even reducing productivity.

Microphone Mist uses Intelligent sound targeting (IST) to identify and stop targeting persistent undesirable sound sources like HVAC and display fans to give remote callers a better listening experience.


For small spaces up to

18' x 18' | 5.5 x 5.5 m


For mid-size spaces up to

 25' x 25' | 7.6 x 7.6 m

Dual HDL300

For large spaces up to

30' x 50' | 15.2 x 9.1 m