Your Classroom just got a lot bigger

Learn how Nureva audio can support higher education with the challenges of the 'hybrid' classroom

Colleges and Universities are moving to bi-directional video communication to support hybrid learning environments.

Professors and students have suddenly had to rely on technology and tools to enable them to deliver a consistent teaching and learning experience without changing the methods they have long relied upon.

The solution?

Powered by patented Microphone Mist technology, Nureva’s HDL audio conferencing solutions have the power to simultaneously process every audio source in a room and deliver a more natural sense of communication. Capable of handling 15,000 million instructions per second, they are much more powerful than conventional systems. For remote learners, Microphone Mist technology delivers a natural and fulfilling listening experience, making it easier for them to remain engaged. For professors and lecturers – plus IT and AV support staff – it means freedom from the constraints and potential complications of conventional audio-conferencing solutions.

Nureva systems adapt to whatever space you’re using, continuously auto-calibrating to suit the configuration and circumstances. The result is the best quality sound for people in and out of the room, no matter where each is standing, how they move or what direction they are facing.  Any room. Every word.

This is classroom audio, evolved.

The ability to hear an instructor is critical to students’ success. Current UK government guidelines are clear, HE institutions now have to consider how to support social distancing in the classroom as well as considering how they can support the learning experience of remote students.

Microphone Mist fills a space with virtual microphones in the form of a grid and intelligently auto-calibrates to learn the size of the room. Once set up, participants' audio can be picked up from anywhere, so everyone can be heard everywhere in a space and remote learners feel like they’re in the room with the class.

HE Nureva

This is virtual microphone reality

A scalable solution

No need for external microphones for instructors or students. Nureva audio provides true full-room pickup throughout spaces up to 30' x 50' (9.1 x 15.2 m)

Touchless experience

Touchless user experience to prevent cross-contamination

Campus control

Remote monitoring and device management with Nureva Console

Consistent performance

Our patented Microphone Mist technology enables true full-room pickup while providing professional grade performance. The result: a more comfortable, more natural classroom experience

Active zone control

The full-room coverage provided by Microphone Mist technology means every word gets heard. Lecturers can make full use of their space and offer a natural, comfortable experience that will be heard clearly by remote students. Full-room coverage makes it possible for students and participants in the room to remain physically distant yet still be socially connected. From the front of the class to the corners of the room, everyone can take part and stay fully engaged – while respecting the need for space and comfort.


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