Screen Mirroring & Digital Signage

Optimise Your Screens

Transform any display into a powerful meeting collaboration tool and an engaging digital resource with Ditto. Bringing wireless screen mirroring and digital signage to your school or business.

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Advanced Screen Mirroring

Ditto takes screen mirroring to the next level. It makes presenting secure and simple. Wirelessly mirror Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook and Android devices, leaving HDMI cables, display adapters and complex hardware behind.

Send audio, video and other content emphasising the most important content on your screen.

Screen Mirroring and Digital Signage

Educate, inform and engage with digital signage while allowing anyone to quickly and effortlessly share content with Ditto screen mirroring. Connecting with your audience at the right time and place with announcements, menus, wayfinding signs and more.

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