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Introducing Flabba

An end to end solution for remote delivery of existing workflows


Who is Flabba?

Flabba specialises in creating bespoke business applications – with online video communications at their core. With their flexible video software solutions, they strive to deliver tailor-made products that can enhance your business processes and help you achieve your goals quicker. Whether it’s staff collaboration, consultancy, recruitment, healthcare consultation or enhanced client engagement, Flabba’s bespoke online video software solutions can help you do it more effectively.

Key solutions

To help organisations to make improvements to their operational business processes, Flabba uses online video communications, integrated with collaboration workflows & features.

Conflab Recruit

Connect with qualified candidates remotely, say goodbye to wasted interviews, and engage in a seamless online interview experience.

Conflab Health

Connect with patients remotely, securely, and quickly through the web for a more convenient healthcare solution.


With Flabba Video Software you can expect results that are…


Reduce any admin time spent in face-to-face meetings, sending letters, gathering documents or making telephone calls with Flabba video software.


Achieve results more quickly, saving both time and money, making Flabba a smart financial investment.


Flabba, pride themselves on having one of the most secure video software services around, with an ISO 27001 accreditation and an IT health check pass from the Home Office


Flabba offers an accurate view of the people you’re interacting with, be it for an interview, staff engagement, consultations, application review or anything else.


Trusted Partners

Flabba is a trusted partner of some of the biggest and most established companies globally and has been security checked by leading independent authorities.
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