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Fast and Flexible, Innovative, Trustworthy Remote Patient Consultations

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It’s time to bring your healthcare services right into the homes of your clients who depend on the level of care that you can provide – do it all with Flabba. Flabba’s specialised remote patient consultations software Conflab Health leverages the power of their intelligent video solutions to bring clinicians and medical professionals closer to their clients than ever before. Instantly address the unique needs of your clients and patients more effectively and efficiently than ever before by connecting with them virtually.
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Key features

With Conflab Health you can now Instantly manage your bookings, share important health documents like, medical records, and prescriptions, and deliver thoughtful, personal consultations to your patients as if they were sitting right next to you in the examination room. It’s time for you to transform your healthcare practice and take advantage of our intelligent video solutions. Conflab Health has everything that you need to optimise your workflow.

Dedicated consultation booking system

One-way recorded video consultations

Live multi-participant recorded video consultations

Securely share consultations, for colleague advice, automated workflow and messaging

In Consultation and Post Consultation Document Management

Virtual Patient Waiting Room

Innovative consultation solution

Plus So Much More!

Trusted partners

Flabba is a trusted partner of some of the biggest and most established companies globally and has been security checked by leading independent authorities.

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