Conflab Recruit

Online video interview & end to end recruitment solution. Boost productivity and save money

Conflab Recruit enables you to attract, screen and select candidates, regardless of location, more accurately, timely and cheaper. No more wasted and unnecessary face to face interviews!

Connect Faster

Instant connectivity, efficient workflows that keep the recruitment process moving.

Conflab Recruit is an online video interview and end to end recruitment management platform designed to enable Clients to identify and interview Candidates from not only the UK but all over the world in a more accurate, timely and cost-effective manner.


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Hire the right candidates in half the time

Today’s business world is competitive and the job market is even more so.

Through Conflab Recruit, you can hire quicker, more accurately, and for less money. Instantly connect with only the most qualified candidates from anywhere in the world with a seamless video recruitment experience that you can trust with up to a 50% reduction in hiring time.


Secure, Stable, & Sophisticated

Organisations deserve a video-enabled business-driven SaaS that offers them the power to rapidly and securely address their business efficiency needs.

Conflab Recruit's dedicated online video platform features tight security to ensure the integrity of your video interviews. After your interview has been completed, you, and your colleagues, can instantly access it and retrace your steps and those of your candidates to make the best hire possible.



Key Features:

Marketing/ Job Advert Videos

Document Management & Approval

Securely Review & Rate Interviews

Offer Management

Recordable Online Video & Telephony Interviews


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