GoBright Visitor Management

Easy and GDPR-proof digital self-registration by visitors


Happy Visitors

Ever turned up for a meeting and found yourself waiting for ages for a receptionist to welcome you and then track down your host? When you’re hosting a visit, you want to create a great experience for your visitors from the moment they walk through your door. As a Facilities Manager you want the experience to be efficient as well to minimise the overheads involved in booking in guests and getting them to their meeting. GoBright gives you everything you need.

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Digital receptionist

With the GoBright platform you can create a great experience for your visitors and a painless one for their hosts. The platform provides a system to allow visitors to check themselves in as soon as they arrive. It prints off a badge so they can get into the building and it automatically sends an SMS and email to their host to let them know they’ve arrived. It can also give your visitor directions to their meeting room so they can relax with a coffee or tea in preparation for their meeting. So, you create a professional and seamless experience for your visitors. Facilities Managers are happy because they may not need reception staff but if they do, their time can be spent on less straightforward tasks. And all of the information held is compliant with GDPR legislation.

SMS Alerts

GoBright Digital Self-registration allows guests to register themselves. After registering, an SMS or email is sent to the host to inform them of their guest’s arrival. This tool is ideal for companies who don’t employ receptionists or those that have a busy reception area. The software also complies with GDPR requirements. After registering visitors are automatically issued with a badge for easy building access and after the meeting a simple badge scan allows them to check out of the building.

GoBright Visit - Visitor Registration - Visitor Management - Digital Reception

A professional and warm welcome for all your visitors. With this video you get to see GoBright's solutions for Visitor Management. With GoBright Visitor Registration software your visitor can self-register, or they can be invited with a pre-registration QR code. Whether you have a busy reception area, or an unmanned lobby, with GoBright Visit your guests are welcomed immediately.

Key Features

Intuitive use
SMS/email to host
Online portal
Relieves receptionist
Realtime overview
Various Integrations
Create your own design
Multiple Languages
Easy Installation


GoBright Wayfinding gives users a complete overview of all the rooms, and lets them see which ones are still available. It also directs employees and visitors to the room location, so they don’t waste time trying to find meeting rooms.

Digital Signage

Design, deploy and manage a wide range of content, through GoBright’s simple yet powerful portal. With digital signage, Organisations use digital signage to make data about their buildings visible to employees and visitors, to facilitate navigation and promote a feeling of safety and wellbeing.


You can store all your licenses and user preferences in your portal. The portal integrates Digital registration with Active Directory and GoBright room booking. The portal also shows an overview of the number of people in the building at any one time making it a useful tool in case of emergencies.

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