Products and accessories for every industry. Wherever you want to display an image, SMS can help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Smart Media SolutionsWe fit in EVERYWHERE

SMS offers a wide variety of products – from display stands and brackets for all sizes, places and contexts, to projector stands for different environments and stands that make your interactive solution even smarter.

A Custom Solution

Swedish Company SMS Smart Media Solutions creates products and customised solutions to enhance your audio and video experience. The company focuses on the individuality of every organisation it works with and designs its products and tailored solutions to ensure you get exactly what you require.

For All Industries

The company works with a multitude of industries including advertising, retail, education, hospitality, media and public service providers. Every product has been designed for more than just display purposes, solutions that might help businesses to either fit in or stand out, capture the attention of consumers, convey information in the right way or promote better ways of working and learning.

The Products

SMS has three product categories to make it easy to select a solution or create the right combination for your business. Wherever you want to display an image, SMS can help you find the solution that best suits your needs.


For standard applications, these products will promote your screen or projector without extra frills. The category includes a variety of stands for all standard applications and is a quick and easy way to solve almost any need. Core contains around 300 different products that are always in stock.


Advanced is for those who want to promote their screen or projector a little more, and be seen in demanding environments. Products can be customised to stand out, blend in – or fit your individual brand. This category enables you adapt a product to the situation and includes a broad spectrum of options for design, accessories and functionality. There are various options for customisation and as products are made to order, they are usually available within 4-6 weeks.


Together with SMS expert engineers, you can create the precise product your business needs. Within the Tailored category, anything is possible. You can build the exact solution you require – from the colour and form, to foil, glass, and built-in accessories. A clever modular design makes the process efficient and cost-effective. As the Tailored concept is created in collaboration with customers and engineers, the delivery time varies from project to project.