STiNO’s innovative software goes way beyond traditional digital signage solutions. The company’s eDoorSign App was created for door signage across a range of applications, from conference rooms in hotels, reception areas at events or meeting spaces in corporate buildings. Managing eDoorSign is simple – via either Exchange server or Google calendar.


Cost efficient android hardware and player software for android. Supports any kind of android all-in-one displays.

Customise Display Content

Fully customisable – Create and edit templates via STiNO’s iChannel Web Portal

Stand-alone or CMS driven

Available as a stand-alone solution without the need for a server or internet or via STiNO’s iChannel CMS multi-touch extension

What is eDoorSign?

  • A digital signage solution suitable for a variety of applications, such as office administration buildings, local authorities, universities, training centres, hospitals and many more.
  • The digital signage software is controlled via Microsoft Exchange Server and iCAL (Google calendar)
  • Incorporates auto-update features to show all meeting data
  • Can be optionally integrated and mixed with iChannel Digital Signage campaigns

How does eDoorSign work?

The eDoorSign solution allows businesses to use their meeting rooms more efficiently as all meeting information is dynamically linked to their existing calendar systems, such as Exchange Server or Google Calendar. Information is updated automatically on any door sign to display both current and future meetings. Users can see room availability at a glance as the illuminated LED bar will indicate clearly when the room is occupied. Businesses can also add their organisation’s branding and customise the templates with a simple drag & drop web interface using STiNO’s iChannel editor.

Why choose eDoorSign?

Digital door signage may be aesthetically pleasing reflecting the forward-thinking ethos of a company or institution, however, the high functionality is critical for room-booking management in conference rooms, hospital waiting rooms and many other applications. The eDoorSign software allows organisations to design, create and manage their door signage simply and effectively. Templates can easily be transported to the specific door sign with either STiNOs ePromoter on an Android tablet or smartphone or via the company’s iChannel 7 cloud-based server. eDoorSign offers the most straightforward option for configuration and labelling all digital door signage.

COVID-19 Notice
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