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The Ever Evolving Workplace

The way we manage workspaces has been evolving and the rate of change has intensified during the last five years.  

From the increasing adoption of agile processes and the flexible use of space, to home and remote working, many companies have made shifts not only in their physical environments but in workplace culture. However, recent circumstances have led organisations to hit the fast-forward button on the rate of workplace change. 

A trend towards more remote working, distributed teams, and virtual interactions and communication has been thrust upon us, almost overnight.  With the release of recent government guidance on managing the flow of people in, out, and around the building, business leaders have begun devising strategies for employees to return to office life safely. 


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Ascentae Return To Work Technology
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Technology alone is not enough

We’ve always known that technology alone is not enough to successfully change working culture. But it is the enabler for a change that has been imposed on us in a way that might have seemed impossible just a few months ago. Combining the right systems will give every office-based organisation the ability to meet the needs of workers for a functional blend of physical and remote working and comply with their obligations under the government guidance on returning to work.


Experiment, discover and integrate

Whether we’re individuals or organisations, public sector or private, we’re on this journey together. Our goal at Ascentae is to support the journey by providing a technology infrastructure that allows us to re-imagine how the future will look, and cope with an environment that is unstable, challenging and unpredictable. We need to move forward together to experiment, discover, and integrate new technology that supports the ways we need to work and thrive.

Future of Work with Ascentae Future of Work with Ascentae

What does the future of the workplace look like?

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