Support during the initial stages of a project is critical to ensuring the right solutions are defined, which is why we always encourage early engagement with our partners.

Right from the start of the process, we dedicate our time to ensure every customer gets the most from their investment.

Ascentae Pre-Sales Support

Investigations and Insight

In order to offer the best advice, we dedicate a great deal of time investigating the use case, the working environment and future aspirations of each individual business. Conducting this essential research at the pre-sale stage allows customers to understand precisely what their options are and how technology can help. We also provide practical support to enable customers to evaluate the products and make informed decisions – from setting up trial software accounts, to organising on-site or remote demonstrations. Every solution we offer is simple and intuitive and a real-life demonstration will enable potential customers to interact with the products and discover how to maximise the benefits of the technology within the existing environment.

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We can carry out demos in situ on a client’s premises via our Mobile Demonstration Suite (MDS). Fitted out with a wide range of Ascentae products, the MDS is a fully equipped vehicle that delivers an ‘Interactive Collaboration Experience’. Product demonstrations can be undertaken almost anywhere and the MDS truck can be hired exclusively, from a single day to a long-term contract, to provide a fully immersive collaboration experience for clients. The truck service includes a fully qualified technician/concierge to ensure everything is set up and running seamlessly ready for the demonstration. Demos can be also be carried out by the Ascentae team at one of our main offices in either Frimley in Surrey, or Euston in London.

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