We are passionate about offering genuine differentiation to both resellers and brands and that extends through to our support services

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Ascentae Interactive Products

High-Level Support

As the face of several innovative brands, we deliver the highest level of technical support and represent those brands to the best of our ability. When it comes to the products and solutions we have an in-depth knowledge base and access to an extensive technical resource to solve any issues. Our aim is to offer first line technical support for all of our brands and we also manage a warranty replacement or ‘swap’ out service with manufacturers.

Close Partnerships

We work closely with manufacturers to provide on-site technical assistance and have a dedicated contact for our technical team for all partners and resellers. We also provide training to our network of resellers to increase their technical knowledge and enable them to offer their own technical support services and installation. Any issues will be handled swiftly and meticulously to ensure the most effective resolution can be reached. If you would like to know more about the technical support we offer, speak to a member of our team.

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