A supportive solution for space management

The Challenge

Modern buildings with multi-use spaces are a huge logistical challenge for Facilities Managers. Businesses demand flexible, fluid layouts and Facilities Managers must align their strategic planning to support collaborative working environments. In the struggle with square footage, could technology be the key to effective space management? As the challenge intensifies to maximise efficiency, adopting the latest space management solution could help to optimise the use of every corporate space.

  • Help Facilities Managers support the core business needs of their organisation
  • Bring transparency and clarity to the use of all office meeting space
  • Provide measurable data to improve effective running of meeting rooms
  • Create a more efficient meeting culture

How managing meeting space can improve operational performance

The shift away from traditional office layouts brings an added layer of complexity to Facilities Management. Formal meeting rooms and corporate boardrooms have to function alongside huddle spaced and hub hangouts. When manages effectively, the result is increased productivity and more efficient use of the space resource. Inefficiencies result in double bookings, faulty equipment and lack of room availability. Having an overview of occupancy rates, patterns of use and monitoring of equipment gives Facilities Managers a clearer picture of their meeting space activity and how it can be improved.

No room for improvement

Successful space management can be achieved with the introduction of the right technology. When a key part of the Facilities Manager’s role is to maintain a suitable working environment for all employees and their activities, an advanced technological solution will help to ensure that best practices are followed, delivering maximum efficiency. With a full insight into company meeting patterns, Facilities Managers can use those statistics to plan more effectively and cut costs.

Evoko Liso is a next-generation touch-screen solution for managing meeting room bookings. Designed to make sure all meeting rooms are being used in a truly effective way, Evoko Liso removes the all too common problems of double bookings, unnecessary confusion and interrupted meetings. The solution provides businesses with a full insight into their meeting patterns and by analysing statistics in the Evoko Home system, companies can optimise the use of every meeting space. The platform provides a range of vital report functions – from the number of unconfirmed room bookings to the frequency of reported functions – from the number of unconfirmed room bookings to the frequency of reported faulty equipment

The solution makes it easy for employees to book a room – using either a digital calendar or directly on the screen. All information is clearly presented on the screen and it actually changes on the display when someone walks up to it, always showing the most relevant details. Users can book, end or extend a meeting directly from the clock-based interface or use the calendar to search for other rooms based on availability, size and equipment. Meeting room bookings are put back in the hands of employees and Facilities Managers have the data at their fingertips to plan and manages the spaces effectively.

When Facilities Managers are dealing with multiple systems and multi-use spaces, Evoko Liso’s open API allows it to integrate smoothly with other third-party systems. The solution could, as an example, turn on the AC 10 minutes before a meeting is scheduled to start. With Evoko Home, the company’s room scheduling system, there are extensive multi-site management options. The software permits centralised and straightforward management and update for all connected panels – with remote support it is ideal for multi-site deployments.

Why Evoko Liso?

Efficient meeting room management is a fundamental part of Facilities Management. Evoko Liso can help prevent common problems such as double bookings, faulty equipment and interrupted meetings. The system captures all of the critical data that can be analysed to make planning and managing the meeting room portfolio simple. With open API, the solution integrates smoothly with other third-party and is compatible with all commonly-used platforms. Evoko Liso is a company-wide, meeting room management platform that gives Facilities Managers the valuable technological support they need to get the most out of multi-use spaces.

  • Facilities Managers can better analyse and optimise their room resources
  • Simple and self-explanatory for all employees to use
  • A range of reporting functions for bookings, no-shows and faulty equipment
  • Plan more effectively and cut costs by getting the right room for every single meeting