A scalable solution that re-invents the instore experience

The Challenge

All bricks and mortar retailers have one objective – to drive in-store traffic and convert it to sales. As footfall declines, the demand for in-store technology rises as physical retailers attempt to claw back a competitive edge. Bricks and mortar shoppers crave the physical product experience but they also expect a more personalised and immersive experience. Can high street retailers translate the ease of online shopping to the in-store consumer journey? With pressure on budgets, affordable digital technology could be a vital component to reposition retailers’ product offering and turn browsers into buyers.

  • Connect the benefits of online shopping with an interactive in-store experience 
  • Satisfy tech-savvy consumer needs for a personal, seamless customer journey
  • Help competitive differentiation in a declining market
  • Enable retailers to scale up consumer connection to product experts based remotely

How retail stores can survive and thrive

Accenture’s global consumer shopping survey shows that while online sales are soaring, “stores still play a key role in the shopping experience”. The focus is on getting closer to the customer and inspiring visitors with experiences, knowledge and services. Shopping is about multimedia, multichannel and the future is an integration of store, online and mobile. In-store technology can be an effective tool to bring these together in the world of brick and mortar. A solution that will bring the advantages of shopping online – including transparent pricing, access to stock and product information and a personalised, interactive experience.

Reinventing the in-store shopping experience

Physical stores need to reinvent themselves to become the core of the product experience. The right digital solutions allow retailers to showcase unlimited product variations to the customer and present them bang on target. With interactive digital displays, retailers can mimic the behaviour of online sites, providing advice, alternatives and precise product information, all customised to reflect their individual brand. Major bricks and mortar retailers may have bigger budgets when it comes to investing in technology, however, the latest cost-effective solutions have brought retailers of all sizes on to a level playing field.

Retailers work hard to design and differentiate their products and now they can be showcased in store in full interactive HD on Vgreet. A free-standing or recessed video conferencing solution, Vgreet allows retailers to deploy video and audio while simultaneously displaying content. The personality of each unit is determined by the retailer’s specific needs with optional features including image and data capture, motion detection and contactless payments options. This flexible communication point offers retailers the opportunity to connect in-store customers with real product specialities. Using video conferencing, customers can access and speak to the retailer’s product experts wherever they are based. It means interactive access to a centralised expert resource, that can be cost-effectively scaled up across huge numbers of stores.

Vgreet translates the benefits of online shopping into a physical setting. Retailers can display demo videos, product galleries and product descriptions, and let customers pay for goods via the easy-to-use interface. Increasing engagement with consumers, the solution encourages interactivity and helps to minimise queues by delivering relevant information at the swipe of a giant touchscreen. Sophisticated video tools will even allow customers to ‘try on’ outfits or minimise queues. Retailers can customise the solution to promote and display their brand identity – adding the personal touch to maximise every sales opportunity.

Vgreet’s intuitive touchscreen technology is immediately familiar to anyone who owns a smart device. The solution effectively works like a super-sized smartphone, so they can shop and search as they would online in the store. Using video conferencing technology combined with unique content management software, the huge screen is a 40″ commercial grade LED panel by the creators Vpod. The familiarity of the device to screen-savvy shoppers is a natural fit for retail outlets, who can utilise the digital appeal to showcase their brand and products.

Why VGreet

Vgreet opens up service via video in a way that no other product can. It uses video conferencing technology, coupled with the latest touchscreen and multimedia technology to provide multiple face-to-face interactive opportunities for retailers. The key to Vgreet is its flexibility – customisable to meet the both the retailer’s needs of their customers. The digital solution can play a central role in building a personalised experience with customers in-store – as brand information, product details and advice are there at the swipe of a touchscreen. Vgreet can protect the purse strings of retailers, saving them on staff costs, keeping customers happy and delivering information instantly.

  • An affordable, scalable solution that allows all retailers to upgrade their in-store experience
  • Facilitates sales by meeting consumer demand for speed and information
  • Flexible all-in-one solution with intuitive and interactive touchscreen technology
  • Fully customisable, delivers live brand and product information direct to customers