The Challenge

Digital signage may have proved its worth in the marketing and advertising space but could its success be replicated in the corporate world? Companies can now harness the power of digital signage for all of their corporate communications to keep employees and visitors better connected. Whether businesses want to deliver the latest company news to employees, gather data on visitors through interactive touchscreens or share statistics to boost productivity, digital communications platforms provide a cost-effective and compelling way to spread the corporate message.

  • Help corporates deliver dynamic, tailored digital content to better engage with employees and visitors
  • Enable companies to scale and tailor their displays for different offices in varying geographical locations
  • Bring a modern approach to corporate communications with up to date, free-flowing information
  • Reduce the amount of printed marketing and communications materials
  • Offer a cost effective alternative by allowing businesses to control all of their content centrally

Create the conversation

Keeping a workforce inspired and motivated poses a major challenge for corporates. Effective employee communications has to cut through a mass of other digital ‘noise’ and stand out against the steady stream of work email traffic, social media alerts and day to day work distractions. Communication needs to be timely and tailored to suit the particular group of employees. Traditional mediums such as printed materials are costly and cannot meet the demand for instant, up to date information. Digital communications platforms provide dynamic, visual messaging that gets straight to the heart of the workforce. Now corporates can quickly and easily augment their tailored internal communications campaigns across departments, in multiple locations.

One platform, many applications

There is no ‘typical’ application for digital communications platforms in an office environment. With multiple layers of communications in every workplace, a range of departments and various job roles, a stream of visitors and stake holders, companies need a blank communications canvas. The requirement for digital communications will differ in each corporate space and may include everything from welcome boards in reception and information channels in staff canteens, to displaying metrics in sales departments or sharing news in the CEO’s office. It is a huge juggling act for companies, having to manage all of the different solutions across the different types of hardware, alongside regular monitoring to ensure the brand messaging is consistent and tailored to specific audiences.

Digital communication with a difference

Employee Engagement Made Easy

Communicating effectively to employees and visitors requires a solution that offers so much more than just pictures on screens. The latest platforms provide an engaging and interactive medium to communicate all aspects of corporate information. The solutions from STiNO include a range of intuitive web-based content management software to suit any business, with dynamic digital communications networks and cloud-based services. Regardless of where and who the digital messaging is targeting, it is all driven centrally by one digital communications platform.

One platform, many applications

STiNO is one of the only providers to offer digital communications platforms which support diversified hardware platforms – from PC to SoC systems running Windows, Android and Linux operating systems. This allows companies to run their campaigns on different hardware according to their location and specific application. On a sales floor there may be details of a promotion displayed and the local sales manager can change the content to congratulate a team member on a sale. Or a general corporate welcome message in a reception area, yet as guests sign in, it can be changed locally to personalise a greeting. Valuable data can also be collected from any interactions that take place on the touch screen. For each application, corporates have the power to control and manage all of their systems centrally.

Company or country-wide

The solutions are highly cost effective as three editions are available, so companies can select the right one for their business to achieve a better ROI. The systems are scalable and can be used for everything from a single welcome screen up to a country-wide network with several thousands of screens. All are easily managed with centralised control and customisation capabilities. CMS editions available for customers include the iChannel Network Edition for smaller local networks 1-50 displays, iChannel Enterprise Edition, which is web-based for local or public cloud for 10-5000 displays or the iChannel SAAS Operator Edition A multi-tenant web-based CMS virtualised server image for operators who want to offer a unique cloud service to their customers, incorporates 25-10,000 displays


Interactive and engaging, STiNO’s solutions deliver compelling experiences for employees and visitors in every office environment. The platform actively encourages effective communication, whether it is to reinforce core values and corporate identity, reiterate health and safety information or reward employees with incentives. Companies can improve operational efficiency and productivity with a system that is managed centrally for greater flexibility and responsiveness. Content is easy to create and deploy and can be tailored to individual screens or multiple screens at the simple touch of a button.

  • Systems are scalable for every type of business and all applications between 1 and 10,000 screens.
  • Hardware agnostic and will support multiple applications for cross-company communications.
  • Quickly and simply augment internal communication campaigns in a variety of ways and in different locations
  • Easily create dynamic content tailored to specific target groups.
  • Display company messages on screen and incorporate information from sources such as RSS feeds, CRM systems or social media platforms.
COVID-19 Notice
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