Moving from paper to digital collaboration without disruption

The Challenge

It’s a debate that many businesses face as they ponder the possibilities of digital transformation. How can the benefits of greater collaboration be embraced without losing all paper-based processes? The business value of improving collaborative opportunities may be obvious, however, there seems to be a degree of apprehension when it comes to transferring to digital. One major barrier to change is workplace culture and the reluctance to introduce new technology for fear of disrupting tried and tested processes. Organisations want to take small steps towards a new working world rather than a giant leap to overhaul existing practices.

  • Support the move from paper to digital collaboration without disruption
  • Increase collaboration using familiar processes
  • Deliver a significant increase in active collaboration
  • Support the visualising and sharing data quickly and effectively

Taking paper-based processes into the digital age

Typical processes we see in businesses all over the world involve teams sticking post-it notes and paper on the wall to create an immersive but very limited visual process. From designers and architects to management consultants and software developers, when visual data is key, this has become a tried and tested method of teams’ collaborating and sharing ideas.

Create and build

The Nureva Span collaboration solution makes it easy for groups to collaborate on a scale that nurtures deeper engagement with content and with each other. It takes the paper tools businesses are used to – sticky notes, pencil sketches, flip charts – and transforms them into flexible digital versions to enhance the creative process. The expansive virtual canvas can be used to share ideas and everyone can create, edit and organise their contributions in real time – whether they’re in the room or at any location around the world.

Ideas and inspiration

When businesses need to be immersed in visual data, the latest software solutions offer a technological version of the sticky note wall. Employees can work either directly on the wall or from their chosen digital device, from any location in the world, via an app. The software solutions effectively have the ability to transform company walls into expansive, digital workspaces

What are the benefits?

  • Provides significantly more interactive workspace than traditional flat panels, dry-erase boards and sticky note walls.
  • The full range of system configurations offers up to 40′ of virtual space and up to 40 simultaneous touch points.
  • Invite others to collaborate further via the Quick Share feature enables any device to contribute via web browser
  • Share ideas using existing technology – Span software is available for iOS and Android™ apps and on Chrome™ and Safari®

Why the Nureva Span System?


Span software is a cloud-based solution that strikes the right balance between paper and pixel to free groups from the limitations of typical collaboration. It offers an expansive digital canvas that everyone can use to share creative ideas and solve problems. Businesses can start collaborating in seconds with tools that bring familiar paper processes into the digital realm. Once shared, any notes, text boxes, sketches and images can be edited, annotated, colour coded, hyperlinked, moved and grouped for maximum visual clarity. It’s one digital​ ​​​​​​solution that doesn’t mean a giant leap into the unknown for any business.

  • Cloud-based canvas – employees can contribute at a convenient time
  • Every change is reflected in real time so no idea gets left behind
  • Collaborate using – Smartphones and tablets, laptops, Chromebooks™ and other computers
  • Share information from multiple live applications to the same canvas, creates a dynamic collaboration space for all content