Customer experience will drive future sales in automotive industry

The Challenge

It’s an industry renowned for a product-driven sales approach, yet the automotive sector looks set to change direction in a bid to emulate the buying habits of today’s consumer. The traditional sales model which focuses purely on the forecourt will struggle to capture the next generation of customers. Buyers now expect an end-to-end experience, with connected interactions across the channels. So what will it take to achieve that level of engagement with customers? When technological innovation is the biggest selling point of the cars themselves, perhaps it’s time to use the latest advancements in technology to create the most successful customer journey.

  • Help automotive businesses to better connect with target customers 
  • Build customer relations and trust with informative, interactive and engaging content
  • Create a cost-effective end-to-end digital experience at the dealership
  • Offer easy management of multiple, widespread communication channels from a remote central location

A digital experience for dealerships

Automotive consumers have never been better informed prior to entering a dealership. Every detail of a product and brand, good or bad, is available online at the touch of a button. Showrooms have to reflect this in a way they communicate with prospective buyers. Some of the most successful global car brands are transforming their dealerships into digital marketplaces incorporating everything from carefully placed interactive touchpoints to giant virtual reality displays. Consumer expectations have stepped up a gear and the wider automotive sector can meet this demand by focusing their strategy beyond the transactional journey into an end-to-end communications experience. 

An interactive journey

The destination is a fully integrated in-dealership digital experience, across every franchise and location. To get there, automotive businesses need to make informed investments to achieve a maximum return. By adopting the latest digital communications technology they can create a proactive and productive customer journey. Exposing visitors to timely and relevant multi-channel content from the moment they walk through the doors, through digital touchpoints within the dealerships, will help meet consumer expectations and gain their loyalty. Whether teasing a forthcoming product release in the reception area or offering targeted promotions on-screen in the service area, the result is better informed and engaged customers. 

Digital service for showrooms

In the highly competitive automotive sector, digital signage technology can play a major role in the battle to help differentiate a brand and get the right message across to customers. Multiple franchises in different geographical locations demand a solution that is scalable and can be easily managed from head office or another central location. STiNO’s iChannel offers precisely that, with an easy to use, cloud-based web content management system that will allow automotive businesses to create, manage and deploy all of their digital signage content.

Automotive companies can choose an edition based on their size, specific needs and application to get the most out of their digital technology investment. As iChannel is scalable it can be used for everything from a single screen at a dealership’s welcome desk up to a nation-wide network with several thousands of screens. There are three cost-efficient editions available, from the iChannel Network Edition for smaller local networks 1-50 displays. iChannel Enterprise Edition is web-based for local or public cloud for 10-5,000 displays. For major applications, there is also the iChannel SAAS Operator Edition, a multi-tenant web-based CMS virtualised server image for operators who want to offer a unique cloud service to their customers, incorporated 25-10,000 displays.

Transporting a showroom into the digital era will bring connected customer interactions across all of the channels and touchpoints to offer a more holistic experience for the customers. Introducing iChannel is one of the simplest and most effective ways of upgrading the showroom experience. The network of screens and touchpoints can easily be managed using the web, tablet or smartphone. Screens can be connected on either local or public cloud services via STiNO’s cloud platform or hosted on premises. Whether an automotive business wants to use interactive kiosks or non-interactive large format displays, any screen type can be managed and as the platform is agnostic, it supports a wide range of hardware brands.

Why iChannel?

The automotive industry has to evolve their sales and marketing strategies to reflect changing demographics and consumer expectations. Buying a vehicle is no longer just a straightforward sales transaction. Today’s customer is looking for an end-to-end experience and to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. automotive dealers need to shift their focus from the product to the customer journey. The iChannel platform is the ideal Content Management System for the automotive sector’s digital signage applications. The web-based CMS supports Windows, Android-based players and all-in-one tablets and is available as either a cloud-based SaaS license or an on-premises license. The solution is simple to use and dealerships can use a host of content to promote their product and brand identity as it incorporates popular media supporting a range of content formats. iChannel offers the most cost-effective, easy to use, single solution for all automotive businesses to create, manage and deploy all of their digital signage content.

  • Cost-effective – Automotive businesses can select edition based on the size of the company specific application to achieve a true
  • Hardware Agnostic – Platform supports Samsun, LG, Toshiba, Phillips, Viewsonic and Asus SOC.
  • Support – Simple integration for IPTV. Supports a wide range of content formats such as images, videos, audio, text RSS ticker, browser, HTML widget, multicast and PDF.