Is your business stuck in an innovation rut?

Many organisations know they must innovate to succeed, but struggle to find the right way to make it happen. Most businesses already encourage collaboration and innovation in the workplace, however the pressure is mounting to be creative and productive at speed. With less time to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, businesses are rethinking their innovation processes. The aim is to build an environment and ecosystem that emulates the agility of a start-up. Enter the new breed of Innovation Labs. Dedicated spaces that help larger companies link their scale and resources with ideas and creative innovation. A start-up model sized up for the corporate world.

  • Pave the way for true collaborative innovation
  • Help larger businesses maintain a competitive edge in a fast-moving market
  • Enable companies to meet ambitious targets and achieve large projects at speed
  • Improve productivity to create new revenue streams and bolster existing ones
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Defining Collaborative Innovation

Corporates are evolving their traditional R&D models to embrace a more open culture. The phrase Collaborative Innovation focuses on a new approach for companies to develop their products, services or business solutions. Multiple internal and external stakeholders are involved in the collaborative process, with in house teams, customers and suppliers working together and openly sharing each stage of development. The ultimate goal is to create a powerful network comprised of small, specialist players able to collaborate at both scale and speed.

Innovation Lab

Designing a dedicated space to facilitate sharing and open working is the first step towards collaborative innovation. The Innovation Lab provides a contained working area for employees and visitors to collaborate – from working through lean and agile processes, to product development or hackathons. These spaces promote the ideation and creative processes, busy hubs of activity where cross-functional teams can focus on proposals and projects submitted from across the business. Innovation Labs tend to be customer-centric, data-driven and tech-enabled to accelerate the various processes and improve productivity.

Technology to inspire innovation

Technology to inspire innovation

Adopting a more sociable and outward-facing style and approach demands more than a redesign of the physical space. Companies need to provide a mix of specific areas for innovation activities, with a range of communication, visualisation and prototyping tools. Reconfiguring existing space is a critical building block. Adopting the right tools and technological solutions will make the entire process smoother and pave the way for a new working culture. The Nureva™ Span™ Workspace solution provides the adaptable digital tools to inspire innovation processes and adds a whole new dimension to the dedicated office space.

Visualise, create, innovate

In Innovation Labs, teams are immersed in visual data. Canvases, sticky notes and whiteboards are a traditional tried and tested method of collaboration and idea sharing. The Nureva Span Workspace solution takes these familiar paper-based processes into the digital realm. Transforming walls of Innovation Labs into expansive, digital workspaces to accelerate the flow of new ideas. With the cloud-based canvas, teams can work either directly on the wall or from their chosen digital device, from any location in the world.

Adaptable Tools from Ascentae

Fail fast, succeed sooner

A world away from standard workspaces, the Innovation Lab inspires people to break out of their day-to-day thinking. The new culture involves teams conducting quick, intense bursts of innovation and the Nureva solution can aid the ideation, sharing and creative processes. Span Workspace allows teams to interact and be immersed while they work. Adaptable tools, such as custom templates, help participants to visualise workflows and ensure everyone is aligned.

Why Nureva

In this era of fast-paced innovation, businesses need the right technological solution to complement and support the new collaborative set up. The Nureva™ Span™ Workspace solution makes it easier for teams to work together more efficiently – a natural fit for any organisation moving on to the next level of innovation. Span Workspace accelerates and intensifies collaboration on a shared canvas where everyone can post notes and images, share screens and develop projects in real time. The solution’s unique combination of cloud-based canvases, contribution from devices and expansive displays creates the ideal environment in any dedicated office space. Now, every organisation can build a community and culture around innovation.

  • Digital technology based on familiar tools to enhance working processes and promote modern, innovative ways of working
  • Connects Innovation Labs and users on a global scale. Teams can collaborate and innovate using any device, at any time and from any location
  • Accelerates innovation processes as participants can work together to define problems and devise solutions
  • Creativity is highly visible with notes, sketches and images – for teams to assess and track the project’s progress