The new face at the hotel front desk

The Challenge

Technological innovation is a big selling point for the hotel industry but can technology really replace the traditional concierge? Recent trials include everything from robots to sophisticated phone apps but the challenge of using machines to fully replace the emotions and empathy of humans remains unsolved. Many in the industry are taking a more hybrid approach. With a focus on operational efficiency and profit, the latest technology can be used to complement customer service efforts and ease the pressure on front of house staff.

  • Reduce employee costs and pressure on staff resource
  • Improve the customer experience with instant, easy to access and relevant information
  • Enhance customer relations by connection guests to service staff based remotely
  • Boost ancillary revenue by promoting products and on-site facilities
  • Free up concierge team to focus on more specialist enquiries

Customer service goes digital

From check-in to check-out, live communication tools can provide a five-star service for guests delivering relevant information, advice and support throughout their stay. There is a myriad of reasons why visitors or guests may call upon the assistance of a concierge. Having strategically-placed digital communication solutions in public areas will meet the needs of visitors looking for an instant response to their enquiry. The information and support is available with a swipe or touch on the digital screen without even reaching out to ring that concierge bell.

Technology with a human connection

The latest tech trends in the hotel industry range from mobile check-in to specialist management software that tracks guest performances. Digital technology has promted change in both the sector and guests’ expectations. The vast proportion of travellers reach for their phones to plan their trip and arrive at a hotel armed with more knowledge than ever before. When a concierge is required they expect personalisation and a human touhc. Live communication tools marry this into a simple, digital service – giving guests the information they need and connecting them to remote-based support staff when they want face-to-face advice.

The customer experience begins the moment a guest steps into the lobby. Vgreet will be waiting as a complementary member of the customer service team. The flexible communications point can talk to guests without the need to have extra staff based on site, using intuitive touchscreen technology to make it immediately familiar to anyone who owns a smart device. Vgreet can deploy video and audio while simultaneously displaying content and has fully customisable functions that can be easily adapted to reflect the hotel’s brand identity. The personality of each unit is determined by the specific business needs with optional features including image and data capture, motion detection and contactless payment options.

Vgreet brings valuable extra customer service support without stretching the hotel’s existing resources. Rather than focusing on the concierge team, Vgreet can connect guests to remote-based employees for virtual face-to-face support. Increasing engagement with guests, the solution encourages interactivity and helps to minimise front desk queues by delivering relevant information at the swipe of a giant touchscreen. Hotels can provide everything from simple wayfinding information to videos showing local points of interest and on-site promotions and even let passengers pay for events and attractions via the easy-to-use interface

Vgreet’s intuitive touchscreen technology is immediately familiar to anyone who owns a smart device. The solution effectively works like a super-sized smartphone, so they can search and ask for information as they would on their own phone. Using video conferencing technology combined with unique content management software, the huge screen is a 40″ commercial grade LED panel by the creators Vpod. The familiarity of the device is ideal to digitally-savvy guests to give them a true personal connection during their stay.

Why Vgreet?

Vgreet opens up service via video in a way that no other product can. It uses video conferencing technology, coupled up with the latest touchscreen and multimedia technology to provide face-to-face interactive opportunities and offer additional support from guests. The key to Vgreet is its flexibility – customisable to meet the hotels needs and engage with guests. The digital solution can play a central role in improving the customer experience in hotels, easing pressure on front of house staff, informing and advising guests and delivering relevant information instantly.

  • Boosts face-to-face service for hotels regardless of location, all managed centrally
  • Provides real-time digital information to guests in public areas
  • Minimises traffic in the reception area by reducing queues and directing guests
  • Fully customisable – the personality of each unit is determined by the hotel’s specific needs. Easy to customise to reflect the brand’s identity
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