The right communications for transport

Communication is crucial in airports, train stations or bus terminals to help give passengers a stress-free journey. Transport hubs need to manage passenger flow and provide relevant information but pressure on budgets means customer-facing staff are already stretched. How can these businesses take passenger communication to the next level without placing additional strain on their staff resources? Transport companies need the right communications platform to engage and inform travellers and provide the smoothest possible journey from A to B.

  • Ease the frustration for travellers by providing vital real-time information
  • Bring cost efficiencies by connecting customers to staff based remotely
  • Improve customers' satisfaction during periods of disruption
  • Enhance the travel experience with relevant journey and destination information

Cut queues with remote support

For the day-to-day running of a transport hub or during inevitable periods of disruption passengers demand live and specific information about their journey or destination. Many turn to their personal devices for the latest transport news, and businesses can now capitalise on this digital familiarity by using their own branded digital communications technology. The aim is to build a personal connection with passengers, reduce queues and enable transport hubs to deliver the best customer service

Communication gets live and personal

Whether it’s regular commuters or ad-hoc customers, at every transport hub passengers spend the majority of their time waiting. Live communication tools can capture the attention of this captive audience by displaying relevant information from timetables and directions to local points of interest. Interactive solutions will engage customers and go above and beyond simple information sharing. Transport companies can offer customer service support by linking passengers to staff based in a remote location. A personal travel experience that takes passengers to their final destination with ease.

A strong operational performance is vital for transport businesses and this could be improved with better customer engagement to increase the flow of passengers. Vgreet is a live communications tool that can talk to passengers without the need to have extra staff based on site. The flexible communication point uses intuitive touchscreen technology which makes it immediately familiar to anyone who owns a smart device. Vgreet can deploy video and audio while simultaneously displaying content and has fully customisable functions that can be easily adapted to reflect the transport company’s brand identity. The personality of each unit is determined by the specific business needs with optional features including image and data capture, motion detection and contactless payment options.

Vgreet brings valuable extra customer service support without stretching a transport company’s resources. Rather than increasing staff numbers on site, Vgreet can connect customers to remote-based employees for virtual face-to-face support. Increasing engagement with passengers, the solution encourages interactivity and helps to minimise queues by delivering relevant information at the swipe of a giant touchscreen. Businesses can provide directions and wayfinding information, display videos showing local points of interest and even let passengers pay for tickets via the easy-to-use interface.

Vgreet’s intuitive touchscreen technology is immediately familiar to anyone who owns a smart device. The solution effectively works like a super-sized smartphone, so they can search and ask for information as they would on their own phone. Using video conferencing technology combined with unique content management software, the huge screen is a 40″ commercial grade LED panel by the creators Vpod. The familiarity of the device is ideal for digitally-savvy travellers to give them a true personal connection on their travels.

Why Vgreet?

Vgreet opens up service via video in a way that no other product can. It uses video conferencing technology, coupled with the latest touchscreen and multimedia technology to provide face-to-face interactive opportunities for transport hubs. The key to Vgreet is its flexibility – customisable to meet both a businesses’ needs and the needs of its passengers. The digital solution can play a central role in improving the customer experience in airports, train stations and bus terminals, saving valuable on-site staff costs, informing and advising passengers and delivering relevant information instantly.

  • Provides real-time digital information to the travelling public in outdoor and unsecured areas.
  • Minimises disruption by reducing queues and directing passengers
  • An affordable and scalable solution that allows transport hubs to improve their customer support services
  • Fully customisable and flexible all-in-one solution with intuitive and interactive touchscreen technology