Hybrid - The business word for 2021

Hybrid is a phrase which has occurred throughout 2020, and many in the technology industry have embraced it for this new year. With the new phase Social Distancing, Hybrid working is now the challenge, also the predicted work pattern for businesses in 2021.

Jon Knight from Ascentae has studied emerging patterns and shares his observations in this short video.


Hybrid working is one of those phrases which has occurred throughout 2020 and many in the technology industry are beginning to talk about. Just like at the beginning of 2020, Most of us had never heard of the words, social and distancing being put next to each other in a sentence. Hybrid working is the challenge but also the predicted outcome for most businesses with regards to what's likely to occur in 2021 as a result of the virus.

We believe most organisations,and we're hearing most organisations, are going to try to get a percentage of their workforce to return to the office, although this may not be five days a week. So hybrid working is the challenge that organisations are going to face, where they get, they have a percentage of their workforce who are starting to return to the workplace and running meetings,alongside a percentage of the workforce who are still remote, working from home continuing to look after their loved ones or having demonstrated that they can continue to be as productive, if not, in some cases, more productive whilst they work from home. They'll be allowed to continue working from home.

So hybrid working is the challenge that organisations are going to face in order to facilitate this ability for people to continue to work productively and collaborate successfully, Whilst having this mismatch, if you like, between people in the office and people who are still working from home.