Future of Work with Ascentae
Future of Work with Ascentae

What does the future of the workplace look like?

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Doing distribution differently

The modern world is noisy with an unprecedented choice of technology, vendors and distributors. Integrators are challenged by their customers to find technologies that offer real value and differentiation. Meanwhile users are unsure where to learn about solutions that support new ways of working or learning.

When we go into work and learning spaces, we are asked about:

– How do I know the technology I buy now won’t be obsolete in 5 years time?

– How can technology help me work smarter?

– Can technology help me adopt new ways of working that will drive forward my organisation?

– Where do I find an AV supplier who knows about the latest solutions?

Our channel partners’ concerns revolve around finding differentiated technologies that will help them create solutions for their customers, designed to solve business and educational challenges.

Ascentae recognises these challenges and focuses on identifying hand picked technologies that we believe tackle these questions and more.

Here’s the rub

As human beings we are most comfortable with the status quo and so it remains easier to “stick with what you know”. But how, then, do you get to learn about new brands and technologies?

We identify technology brands that offer genuine differentiation and take them to a network of integrators and VARs whose customers we understand.

For users, this results in creative workplace solutions that address specific problems and add immense value to the environment they are placed in.

One thing is certain. Whether you are working in business, public sector or education, our workspaces and cultures are changing. You may be considering the adoption of agile methologies across an enterprise environment, or looking at new ways of teaching our young people, with strategies such as active or flipped learning.

The solutions Ascentae provide are chosen to help you make these changes a reality. For more information on any of the solutions showcased on the website please get in touch for a discussion or demonstration.

Nureva Span with Ascentae


Immersive data and audio solutions enabling collaboration like you have never seen before

Ascentae is proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for Nureva – the company that offers innovative solutions to many of the common problems facing today’s businesses and educators. The flagship product, Nureva Span, was launched to tackle the challenge of how to replace the use of conventional sticky notes and flipcharts with a digital solution. Nureva Span combines cloud-hosted software with unique ultra-wide projection based hardware to offer real-time, anytime collaboration. Nureva has also introduced the HDL300, designed to enable crystal clear audio in any small to medium size collaboration space. Simple to install and use but with exceptional audio quality, the HDL300 incorporates 8,192 microphones and is a real game-changer in audio conferencing.

Nureva design all of their solutions with simplicity and immersive collaboration in mind.

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Evoko LISO

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Meetings made magnificent

Ascentae believe in Evoko’s philosophy that meetings can be made magnificent. Their combination of solutions enable meetings to be a pleasure to attend and schedule. Evoko Liso combines with your existing meeting room booking software to offer a simple to use yet powerful meeting room booking solution. Evoko Minto offers high quality yet flexible wireless meeting room audio which is a pleasure to use.

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