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The leading 21:9 ultra-wide displays

Jupiter has been pioneering large screen data and visualization experiences around the world for over 40 years and is recognized as the innovation leader in collaborative visualization.

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Jupiter Wide Screens with Ascentae

More than just 21:9 ultra-wide displays

Jupiter 105T Ascentae

PANA 81T & 105Ts

Ultra-wide displays
Jupiter Pana 34 Ascentae


Ultra-wide workstation
Jupiter J400 Ascentae


Computer processors
Jupiter 21:9 Ultra-wide display


Jupiter is pioneering the future of visual experience with ultra-wide (21:9) displays as well as mission critical collaboration solutions worldwide.

As Microsoft’s chosen ultra-wide display, Jupiter’s breakthroughs and product innovation have shaped the industry. Jupiter displays enable the most engaging and intuitive MS Teams rooms yet, using the Microsoft’s new ‘Signature’ room layout to ensure that remote participants feel more included than ever before.
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Our channel partners’ concerns revolve around finding differentiated technologies that will help them create solutions for their customers, designed to solve business and educational challenges. Ascentae recognises these challenges and focuses on identifying hand picked technologies that we believe tackle these questions and more.
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