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smart cameras for the modern workplace


About Huddly

Huddly combines hardware, software and AI to create intelligent cameras that are flexible, easy-to-use and software upgradable, for everyone who uses video to collaborate.

The Power of AI

Huddly Genius

With an onboard neural engine, Huddly cameras can see, understand and respond to their environment.

With Huddly Genius features like 'Framing', the cameras are able to intelligently automate manual processes, removing the need to control the camera allowing participants to focus on what really matters.

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Data and Analytics

Huddly InSights

With the Huddly InSights analytics API, Huddly cameras provide organisations with high-quality meeting room analytics data that, when enabled by platform providers, can help to support future decisions on meeting space usage.


Platform Flexibility

Video conferencing solutions

Huddly’s solutions offer complete flexibility with industry-leading partners to cover all meeting needs, guaranteeing a high-quality video experience on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and more.