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About our company and our  philosophy here at Ascentae

The simple answer is three key things, our insight, our products, our knowledge.

Our insight

This isn’t a term we use lightly. The word ‘insight’ encapsulates every aspect of what we aim to achieve at Ascentae. We have the insight to recognise the role technology can play in transforming the collaborative workplace sector, and the future trends that will have the biggest impact on the way people collaborate and communicate. Our insight is not based on predictions – it has been built from our expertise and founded on fact.

Our products

A great deal of thinking and research goes into our product choices and we are very proud of our offering. While we represent some of the most innovative brands – our focus lies in what their solutions can offer to customers. We don’t rely on the performance of individual products. We look at the bigger picture and how those solutions can come together to solve the challenges facing today’s businesses.

Our knowledge

Our knowledge is reflected in both the solutions we offer and the brands we represent. We have experienced what life is like as a reseller and the pressures facing the evolving industry. This knowledge has helped to shape our business strategy and forge strong relationships with our valued partner network. We are a trusted advisor to each and every reseller and are highly committed to sharing our market knowledge and technological insight.
Ascentae philosophy

Ascentae insight, passion and honesty

Ascentae’s insight is built upon communicating consistently with customers, resellers and product innovators. We understand the common challenges in their markets and the emerging technology that could combat those problems in the future. For resellers, we share our insight through consistent market feedback and carefully executed business plans. We know the people, the solutions and the right technology that will change behaviours and truly make a difference.
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Intelligent solutions from the team at Ascentae

We have a deep and proven understanding of creative workplace solutions and use our intelligence to discover new technological opportunities and apply them to today’s common business challenges. Whether it is encouraging collaborative learning in classrooms, improving the retail experiences for tomorrow’s consumers or increasing productivity in corporate meetings – we want to inspire new processes and ways of working. We provide creative workplace solutions to address specific problems and add immense value to the environment they are placed in.
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Ascentae is a distributor with a difference. We are trusted advisors to our reseller channel providing knowledge and expertise when it's needed and steadfast support throughout the entire sales process.
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