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Multi-purpose Communication Solutions.

Audiebant offers a range of innovative, multi-purpose communication solutions for various scenarios. With over 30 years of experience, Audiebant leads the provision of audio, visual, and mobile communication systems tailored for the education, NHS, local government, and corporate sectors. Their innovative mass communication systems are designed for lockdowns, critical incidents, and everyday communications, ensuring safety and clarity.


What is a mass communication solution?

An effective communication solution has multiple purposes, including delivering effective, mass-zone audible and visual directives in an emergency.  Audiebant combines audio, visual and mobile messaging simply and efficiently, making it the ideal platform for lockdowns and critical incidents. 

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Solutions for Education

Audiebant is the leading lockdown and safeguarding provider for schools, colleges and universities in the UK, where student and teaching staff safety is a priority.
Audiebant solutions ensure the clear and concise delivery of instructions in an emergency scenario, directing people to safety.
Select any part of your text to access the formatting toolbar.Critical incidents and lockdown messaging can be easily integrated with council service messaging to create a universal communication system for staff and visitors.
Audiebant’s zoned audible and visual lockdown system ensures that safety is paramount in corporate settings, quickly directing people to safety if needed.
Read more about the bill on Protection of Premises bill (Martyn’s Law) here:
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Our channel partners’ concerns revolve around finding differentiated technologies that will help them create solutions for their customers, designed to solve business and educational challenges. Ascentae recognises these challenges and focuses on identifying hand picked technologies that we believe tackle these questions and more.
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