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Hybrid Working Technology Bringing the Best Out of Microsoft Teams in Today’s Digital Workplace

For many organisations, Microsoft Teams is at the heart of hybrid working. It is designed to support team communication, enable effective collaboration and optimise flexible workspace for greater productivity. Innovations in hybrid working technology are increasingly geared towards seamless integration with the Microsoft ecosystem. It is why Ascentae is bringing to the market solutions from global collaboration brand leaders in three key aspects of today’s digital workplace.

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Integrating Smart Hybrid Working Technology Solutions with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the dominant communications and collaboration platform in the hybrid working world. It means finding technology solutions which integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft ecosystem is becoming an increasingly important factor for organisations. Easy to install, set up and use, solutions from Ascentae for Microsoft Teams can be found in three types of category.
Microsoft Teams Solutions
Microsoft Teams Solutions
Microsoft Teams Solutions
Smart Technology

Best in Class Hybrid Meetings

Smart technology solutions naturally adapt to deliver the best hybrid working and hybrid meeting experiences for organisations and employees. Microsoft Certified AV and video conferencing solutions from Nureva and Huddly can handle any size or shape of room, from focus rooms to extra-large rooms. Together, they deliver the flexibility, efficiency and quality to meet the needs of Microsoft Teams meetings and Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Always Be Heard in Meetings

Nureva’s Microphone Mist technology means there is no need for cables, table-based microphone pods or pricey ceiling tile microphones. Enjoy pro audio performance without the cost or complexity.

Quick and easy to instal, Nureva’s HDL300, HDL310 and HDL410 offer the only Microsoft Certified microphone and speaker bars - for large and XL rooms - that do not require satellite mic pods. 
Huddly Cameras

Next Level Meeting Room Cameras

On the video side, Huddly’s Microsoft Certified smart cameras can cover any hybrid working space.

The Huddly S1 is your choice for small and medium rooms, the Huddly L1 for medium and large spaces. Experience Hollywood-style quality with Huddly Crew as innovative AI directs the action automatically from an all-encompassing multi-camera setup.
GoBright Room Booking
The smart workplace

The Smart Workplace

For smart desk booking or room booking, GoBright, with its Outlook plug-in, offers seamless integration with Microsoft’s ecosystem. Book space, a locker or a parking spot quickly and simply from the GoBright Online Portal on any device - without having to leave your Microsoft Teams environment. 
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The smart workplace

Your Digital Receptionist

GoBright also acts as a digital receptionist. Its visitor management system makes your guests feel instantly welcome and digital wayfinding makes it easy for them to find their way. Digital signage, to share information with employees and visitors, can be created and scheduled without leaving Microsoft Teams.
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Jupiter and Ascentae

Endorsed Microsoft Teams Solutions

Jupiter, with its superior range of 21:9 ratio screens, is Microsoft’s ultra-wide display of choice. And for good reasons. For the ultimate ultra-wide workstation, look no further than the Pana 34 - designed for beauty, built for function. Suitable for home or office. Jupiter ultra-wide displays provide a wider, more comfortable, view for hybrid meetings, zoom rooms, collaboration zones and town hall presentations. 
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Touch and Non-touch

Jupiter’s displays - with touch and non-touch versions - enable the most engaging and intuitive Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR), using Microsoft’s ‘Signature’ room layout to ensure remote participants feel more included than ever. Ideal for optimising MTR’s Front Row feature. 
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Jupiter 105T Ascentae
Jupiter Wide Screens with Ascentae

Unbelievable Sharpness

The Pana 81T (which can operate as a face-up collaboration table) and Pana 105 ultra-wide LCD displays deliver precise, high quality images. Jupiter’s Zavus XP range delivers unrivalled contrast and colour for ultra-wide displays for larger spaces. The clarity and sharpness need to be seen to be believed.
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See Hybrid Working Technology Solutions for Microsoft Teams in Action for Yourself

The best way to see if a solution works for your organisation is to experience it in action. And Ascentae has just the place for you to do that. Explore the possibilities with Certified and fully integrated Microsoft Teams hybrid working solutions at our London Experience Centre.
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