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Case study

How Smart Workplace Technology Transformed the Way The Furniture Practice Works

The Back Story

The Furniture Practice wanted changes for two key reasons.

Firstly, they wanted to better organise and plan who works where. A way to easily book and manage the most appropriate space for how people wanted to work.

Secondly, they wanted a way to introduce clients to technology that complements smart workplace furniture – solutions such as desk booking, room booking and video conferencing.

The Furniture Practice described the way things were as busy, chaotic, disjointed and challenging. There was no clear system for planning, booking and managing the office space. The company realised that had to change.

The Solution

Having listened to The Furniture Practice’s challenges, Ascentae recommended a host of solutions to bring everything together.

Nureva audio combined with Huddly cameras enabled everyone in any room to be both seen and heard clearly – to improve engagement, visual collaboration and productivity.

Mago software provided a consistent interface so the organisation was not restricted to using Zoom rooms – people could join meetings run on other platforms with ease.

With expanded office space and many different sizes of room, The Furniture Practice needed a way to manage that capacity efficiently.

The introduction of a GoBright desk booking system meant people could select in advance – direct from their mobile – who they were going to work with, who they were going to sit alongside and where they were going to be.

Sales Director at The Furniture Practice, Martin Stocks, said:

“That ability to know that you’ve got the space booked, you’ve got the right space booked… with the right facilities for the meeting that you want, has been the biggest changer.”

The New Experience

Associate Director at The Furniture Practice, Lissi Howard, said employees were “really positive” about the new technology and its functionality had been “a massive help”.

The solutions helped people to:

  • Plan their days, work and space better
  • Hear and see everyone in hybrid meetings
  • Feel more confidence in using the office space (and using it more often)
  • Enjoy better presentation space and dedicated focus space for admin tasks
  • Feel more involved in the ‘family culture’ of the organisation
  • Have more interactive and successful calls with clients
  • Experience a clear, more streamlined and simple booking system

Martin Stocks said using the technology had become second nature for employees: “One of the most positive things was when people came up to me and said, ‘I just can’t remember and imagine what it was like before we had this’.”

And, as users of smart workplace technology, The Furniture Company is now in a more knowledgeable position to talk to clients about how the tech can be integrated with their workplace and furniture solutions.

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