New management tools for admins added to Span Workspace

Additions and improvements to Span Workspace, including user management options for administrators, new security features and improved inking. Plus Jira Software integration now gives agile teams the best of all worlds.

There’s exciting news from Nureva with the introduction of additions and improvements to Span Workspace.

Read on to find out about user management options for administrators, new security features and improved inking. Plus Jira Software integration now gives agile teams the best of all worlds – simple digital tools that let everyone see the big picture but stay connected to all the details in Jira.

Guest and user management

Attention Span Workspace admins: this one’s for you. Feedback is that teams love their new free guest accounts, so Nureva have responded with new tools to help manage them. Now admins have visibility into all the guests in their subscription. It’s easy to remove guests or upgrade them to licensed users.

Jira Software integration

If you’re part of an agile or scrum team, this is the development you’ve been waiting for. Now you can create your epics, stories, bugs and more in a Span canvas, and then click to send the content to Jira. You’ll be able to take full advantage of all the collaborative capabilities and large canvas benefits of Span Workspace while keeping track of all the details in Jira. Find out more.

Better inking

For everyone in the picture-worth-a-thousand-words camp (or those who’d rather write by hand than type), you’ve now got better inking tools. Whether you’re mapping out a diagram with a sketch or marking up an image on the canvas, you’ll find the ink smoother, faster and more reliable.

Full-screen mode

Want to remove distracting browser tabs and get more canvas space? You can now quickly go to full-screen mode with a click on your name.

Security additions

There are also a couple of security tweaks in Nureva’s ongoing commitment to keep your data secure. First, they’ve introduced stronger password complexity requirements, ensuring your users keep their accounts secure. This doesn’t affect the password you use when you’re accessing Span Workspace through your SSO provider.

Second, they’ve added a little reminder that QuickShare remains active until you turn it off. An ever-active QuickShare group is handy when you have a canvas that people contribute to over a long period of time. But when the collaboration’s done and you don’t want people to be able to keep adding to a canvas, it’s easy to shut it down.

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Author: devascentae