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Ascentae Brings You the Highlights and Technology Trends from ISE 2024 Barcelona

Ascentae Brings You the Highlights and Technology Trends from ISE 2024 Barcelona

Celebrating 20 years, Integrated Systems Europe 2024 was the most successful event ever, welcoming 73,891 visitors from 162 countries, a massive 27% increase from 2023. 

The Ascentae team was in full force in Barcelona, meeting with customers to show them the latest technology releases from our vendor brand portfolio, including Nureva, GoBright, Huddly, and Jupiter

In this article, we explore the highlights from the show floor and discuss the key trends that emerged from the exhibition, including why there was so much talk about Microsoft Teams Certification regarding the Teams device ecosystem. 

ISE 2024 Trend #1 – Video Conference Technology is Gearing Up for Microsoft Teams Certification and Integration

Many organisations now use Microsoft Teams as their communications and visual collaboration tool, with over 320 million users worldwide. As many users return to the office, whether permanently or hybrid, we see audio and video solutions evolving, using innovative technology to integrate into the Teams platform to deliver an immersive environment that drives productivity and engagement.

Microsoft has made it its mission to deliver the best hybrid meeting experience. It actively supports AV and UC brands to develop solutions that contribute positively to the Microsoft Teams experience. It is why organisations are encouraged to look for Microsoft-certified solutions and ease of integration with Microsoft Teams as part of the future of work. Microsoft’s certification process guarantees that the devices have undergone rigorous testing and meet stringent compatibility, reliability, and security standards. 

ISE saw Nureva announce that their HDL410 pro audio solution is the world’s first microphone and speaker bar solution certified for extra-large Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR). 

Another Ascentae brand, Huddly, was showcasing its range of Microsoft Teams-certified cameras in its booth, from the Huddly L1 to the Huddly ONE; the Huddly booth was buzzing with visitors who wanted to learn more about their solutions scaling from focus rooms to large meeting spaces. 

GoBright exhibited their comprehensive range of Smart Workplace Solutions in their booth, demonstrating how their solutions offer full integration with Microsoft Teams. The entire GoBright platform and all its unique features are accessible within your Microsoft Teams experience for ease of use and instant accessibility. Check out this blog from the team at GoBright for more information. 

Lastly, Jupiter had their 21:9 displays on show, designed with the Microsoft Signature Teams Rooms canvas in mind. A long-standing Microsoft partner, the Jupiter ultra-wide displays are Microsoft endorsed; read more about their partnership in this Microsoft x Jupiter case study. 

ISE Trend #1 takeaway – Choosing Microsoft Teams-supported devices is critical when ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. 

ISE 2024 Trend #2 – Growing Demand for Flexible Hybrid Meeting Solutions for Large, Extra-Large and Divisible Meeting Rooms

Organisations with larger rooms are facing the challenge of creating flexible and smart meeting spaces which create an excellent experience for users.

Audio quality in large, extra-large and divisible rooms is crucial to meeting outcomes and overall team productivity and engagement. Nureva is addressing this through its patented Microphone Mist innovation. This revolutionary technology fills a room with virtual microphones that ensure every voice is heard, no matter where they are. Remote meeting participants instantly feel connected to in-person callers, unlike large meeting rooms supported by beamforming microphones, which often lack optimum coverage, leading to ‘dead’ audio zones. 

Choosing the right camera technology is just as important for effective solutions in larger meeting spaces. Multi-camera, AI-driven solutions from brands like Huddly ensure everyone is seen and heard. 

Camera tracking and smart automated camera-switching features are critical considerations, as are networking capabilities, ensuring that cameras can communicate and connect with other meeting room devices to create smart collaboration experiences. 

How meeting content is displayed is as vital as the in-room camera and audio technologies. Displays with a 21:9 aspect ratio mean there’s enough space on the screen to project content, remote attendees, and chat space, which Microsoft refers to as “the meeting within the meeting”. This enables in-person attendees to follow the chat without diverting their attention to their PC screens. The range of ultra-wide 21:9 displays by Jupiter provides the right balance of screen space, flexibility and clarity for Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms meetings and the Front Row feature. You can learn more about Microsoft Signature Rooms in this Microsoft blog

ISE Trend #2 takeaway – Crafting an optimal blend of audio, visual, and display solutions is the key to unlocking the full potential of hybrid meetings, especially in expansive, extra-large, and divisible rooms.

ISE 2024 Trend #3 – A Move Towards Multi-Camera Systems to Create a Better Smart Meeting Experience

Organisations are looking to improve their employees’ hybrid working and hybrid meeting experience – for better project communications and visual collaboration.

 Single-camera setups have limitations, meaning increased interest in smart multi-camera solutions and camera tracking for a thoroughly engaging experience. 

The Huddly Crew AI-powered multi-camera system delivers a Hollywood-style experience for more immersive meetings. This intuitive device automatically directs and edits the action in real-time, presenting remote participants with the most relevant view at any moment – such as the active speaker, people’s facial expressions or whiteboard notes.

Nureva’s audio solutions integrate perfectly with Huddly cameras (as well as other camera brands, including camera switching technology by Inogeni) to create a better experience for meeting participants in the room and remotely.

ISE Trend #3 takeaway – To enhance hybrid work and meeting experiences, organisations are looking for more advanced solutions like smart multi-camera setups and camera tracking to improve project communications and visual collaboration.

ISE 2024 Trend #4 – Technology Brands Working Together in Strategic Partnerships

Technology innovators aren’t just striving for a smooth Microsoft Teams Rooms experience via certification and integrations; they’re also savvy about the advantages of forging strategic partnerships. Users want seamless plug-and-play setups, flexibility, and cohesive technology integration, exemplified by combinations like Nureva audio, Huddly camera, and Jupiter ultra-wide 21:9 display solutions that work seamlessly together.

An example of this is Nureva, which partners with established brands to improve the meeting experience for users in large and XL hybrid meeting rooms. Nureva has been part of the Logitech Collaboration Program since 2021 and has developed audio and camera bundles with Sony.

ISE Trend #4 takeaway – Innovative brands are looking for ways to create a more immersive user experience through strategic partnerships, plug-and-play setups and cohesive integration

Ascentae’s Key Highlights from ISE 2024 in Barcelona

Our vendor brands had a fantastic ISE 24, with several key product and partnership announcements. Here’s our quick wrap-up:

Nureva Show How to Combine Multi-Camera Solutions with Good Quality Audio

The big announcement from Nureva was their Microsoft Teams Certification on their microphone and sound bar solutions for large and XL rooms. As the demand for divisible rooms increases in the smart workspace, Nureva’s flexibility is invaluable. 

Nureva understands the importance of strategic partnerships, working closely with brands including Logitech and Sony

Logitech Strategic Alliances Manager Tim Jewett said: “We love Nureva because they share our ethos. We have Nureva permanently set up to test all our software versions and releases. We’ve been able to find bugs – and fix them – before our customers did. The Microphone Mist technology [from Nureva] is phenomenal… Nureva Audio is [Microsoft Teams Rooms] certified for Large to XL rooms, and our MTRs are certified. We have validated that both solutions work together to deliver the best experience to our customers.”

Learn more about Nureva’s ecosystem here.

ISE 24 saw Nureva focus on the challenges many organisations are currently facing, the need to upgrade their audio systems in large and extra-large rooms, observing the shift in the active involvement of IT teams in identifying and evaluating solutions and taking charge of recommendations and design for their spaces. Camera switching has become crucial, with IT managers emphasising seamless integration and functionality, so the conversations the Nureva team had at the show around the HDL410 system’s sound location data and its role in controlling camera switching were incredibly relevant. 

Read more about Nureva at ISE in their blog here

GoBright Desk and Room Booking Solution Makes Office Management and Data Analytics Easier

GoBright announced a brand new analytics platform coming in 2024.

The new platform offers leaders’ and facilities managers’ decision-making information and direct insights into how the GoBright platform is used for desk and room booking without integrating with PowerBI.

Collaboration was a key theme for the company at ISE. GoBright has easy integration with Microsoft Teams and the flexibility to be used in any office environment.

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Huddly Crew Becomes an Even Smoother Smart Camera Operator

Huddly Crew is the Microsoft Teams-certified multi-camera solution that adds a touch of Hollywood direction to any hybrid meeting or larger room video conferencing sessions.

At ISE, delegates could see how the system now has an extra mode which switches to the active speaker in an impressively smooth way, cutting to the action in a manner most natural to the eye.

Jupiter Unveils the Zavus XP Range of MicroLED Displays at ISE 2024

Jupiter already has an impressive array of high-quality ultra-wide displays. At ISE in Barcelona, the company unveiled its latest Zavus XP range with MicroLED processing technology.

Ideal for Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms and display messaging, the slim and energy-efficient XP7, XP9 and XP12 models offer wall-sized 5K resolution, with vibrant colour and balanced contrast.

Jupiter continues to improve its ultra-wide 21:9 display range, with the next generation of the Pana X premium line on its way.

Explore Your UK Opportunities to See Smart Workplace and Hybrid Meeting Technology in Action

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