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5 Good Reasons to Go Ultra-Wide with Your Conference Room Display

5 Good Reasons to Go Ultra-Wide with Your Conference Room Display

Because hybrid working means more hybrid video conferencing meetings, organisations are having to pay more attention to conference room display.

The challenge for organisations is to create an empowering smart meeting experience for all participants – both in room and remote.

Enabling effective visual communications and visual collaboration for employees, teams and project groups involves getting the conference room display right. Here are five good reasons why the ultra-wide is becoming the smart screen of choice.

1. An Ultra-wide Conference Room Display Creates a More Immersive Smart Meeting Experience for Everyone

Going small with displays can make it more difficult for people to see all meeting participants and strain the eyes. Overly large displays can overwhelm. Both ways may distract attention and focus.

A superior ultra-wide conference room display – particularly when matched with quality camera and audio solutions – creates a cinematic and more immersive experience for everyone. It makes for more equitable and inclusive meetings.

In intelligent meeting rooms everybody can be seen and heard. Ultra-wide 21:9 displays from Jupiter are ideal for video conferencing, especially where a gallery view or the Front Row feature of Microsoft Teams Rooms is being used.

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2. Ultra-wide Conference Room Displays – the Perfect Partner for Visual Communication and Visual Collaboration

For hybrid meetings to support performance and productivity, the video conferencing set-up should enable positive discussion and enhance visual collaboration.

Ultra-wide conference room displays allow people to share agendas, presentations, whiteboards, applications, polls, data or slides so everyone can comfortably see the same information at the same time – whether in the room or remote, one app or multiple apps on screen.

Enabling visual communication in this way helps attendees feel more connected, engaged and better able to contribute. The SimpleShare technology in Jupiter ultra-wide 21:9 displays offers instant touchscreen switching between applications.

3. An Ultra-wide Display Solution for Every Kind of Smart Meeting Space

Organisations are quickly discovering that hybrid working in the smart workplace is best supported with flexible meeting space: boardrooms, conference rooms, learning spaces, collaboration spaces and divisible rooms.

The range of sizes offered by ultra-wide 21:9 displays makes it easy to find the right match for any room type.

Every participant can see clearly without being overwhelmed and view several applications simultaneously – a presentation, whiteboard and attendee gallery, for example. It makes for more engaged, focused and collaborative meetings.

4. Make Running Meetings Easy with Ultra-wide Conference Room Display

Using linked standard display panels for the larger conference room wall leaves a distracting seam at the join. Ultra-wide displays deliver a single, unbroken, high resolution picture.

One-touch video conferencing launch and application switching make Jupiter ultra-wide displays easy to set up and use. Choose touch or non-touch screens. Use a digital pen to sketch ideas, draw diagrams or add notes as you go. Ultra-wide gives you plenty of space to work with and enhance the visual collaboration experience.

5. Going Ultra-wide Displays How Much You Value Your People

Organisations who want to attract the best talent and support employees to be their best invest wisely in their smart workplace.

Creating the right hybrid working environment and giving people the tools they need to do their job well is part of that. Ultra-wide displays from a leading brand like Jupiter, with their high definition panoramic view and cinematic feel, undeniably present a wow factor. Yet they also deliver the practicality and functionality to match today’s higher expectations of the workplace and hybrid meetings.

Ultra-wide is the Smarter Way to Go for the Smart Workplace

Having the very latest 21:9 ultra-wide displays in your intelligent meeting rooms and smart meeting spaces undoubtedly looks stylish and cool. But there are many practical reasons to go wide.

Ultra-wide displays can be matched to room size for the most comfortable viewing and best picture quality. Easy to set up and use, solutions from leading providers like Jupiter help people to enjoy a better video conferencing and smart meeting experience. When employees visually communicate and collaborate more easily they can be more productive.

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