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GoBright introduce their new APP

GoBright introduce their new APP

GoBright have launched their new mobile app and it looks great!

The new GoBright app will have the same look and feel as the GoBright Portal and is promised to be even more user-friendly and intuitive than it currently is. For example, just like in the Portal, you can make a booking directly from Mapping.

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What’s next?

Users of the current GoBright app will be notified that an update must be carried out.
They then follow the steps on their phone.
Alternatively, users can also perform an update manually via the Appstore / Google Playstore. ​​As soon as users log in to the renewed GoBright app, all settings and previously made bookings will be taken over. Any new GoBright users will automatically start with the renewed app.

Advantages of the new app to GoBrights users:
  • Overview of the available desks and rooms on the interactive map.
  • Book your workplace at any time, from anywhere.
  • Check the amenities / details of each workplace.
  • Find a colleague and book a workplace nearby.
  • Overview of your (future) bookings.
  • The photos immediately show what the workplace looks like.
  • Use the App to check in/out at the desk Connect or NFC sticker
  • Data is secured safely and GDPR proof (ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified)

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