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How Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms Deliver a More Inclusive, Immersive and Productive Hybrid Meeting Experience

How Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms Deliver a More Inclusive, Immersive and Productive Hybrid Meeting Experience

One way to understand how technology is rapidly adapting to the needs of hybrid working is to look at Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Organisations which are fluid and flexible can enable their employees to do their best work, wherever they are located.

For this reason, Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms are designed to deliver a more immersive, inclusive, collaborative and productive hybrid meeting experience for all.

The Problem with Traditional Meeting Rooms

The layout of traditional meeting spaces is designed for people to be in the room. They are not so helpful for hybrid meetings, where some participants attend remotely.

The traditional set up has a room with a rectangular table in the middle and a screen at one end. This favours in-room attendees but may result in them focusing their attention on others in the room. Remote participants might not be able to see everyone’s face or pick up body language, and may feel less included or engaged.

This does not augur well for good communications, visual collaboration or productivity.

Rethinking Smart Meeting Space with Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms

For organisations who know their employees get a lot done in meetings, rethinking space is the key.

Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms are designed with a smart arrangement of furniture, displays, cameras and audio devices.

A core guiding principle is “Everyone seen, everyone heard” – to deepen connection, build relationships, improve inclusivity and create great meetings.

How Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms Are Set Up

The set-up starts with the physical space, designing it so people can see each other and hear each other, whether in room or remote.

In Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms, furniture is arranged so all attendees face each other. Curved or ‘specialist’ tables make this easier than rectangular tables.

Ultra-wide displays with a 21:9 aspect ratio provide enough space on screen to project content, remote attendees and chat space simultaneously. Ultra-wide displays are also best suited for the Front Row display option in Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Front Row is ideal for hybrid meetings as it shows remote attendees front and centre on the display, at eye-level with in-room participants. Front Row’s spatial audio makes it feel like people are in the room with you.

Unlike a basic single camera (which only shows a large room with people’s faces small and hard to distinguish) AI-driven smart cameras deliver a more immersive visual experience.

What Types of Meeting are Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms Used For?

Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms are designed to work for different kinds of hybrid meetings in small, medium, large or extra-large rooms.

Organisations can use Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms for board meetings, presentations, training sessions, conference calls, project collaboration sessions, and town hall meetings, for example.

The Critical Technology for Making Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms More Immersive for Participants

The key to optimising the hybrid meeting experience for all participants, in-room and remote, is having the right quality and balance of technology.

Audio conferencing solutions from Nureva use patented Microphone Mist technology to capture, manage and optimise sound in meeting spaces of different shapes and sizes. Everyone can be heard, wherever they are in the room.

Tested to the highest standards, Nureva has a range of Microsoft Teams-certified devices, including its HDL410 – the first microphone and speaker bar solution certified by Microsoft Teams for extra-large Microsoft Teams meetings.

Ultra-wide display conferencing solutions from the flexible Jupiter range bring out the best of Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms features like Front Row, especially in larger meeting spaces.

Participants in the room can see remote participants clearly, at eye-level, and follow the meeting chat without having to switch attention to their PC screens. Distractions are minimised for more engaging and productive meetings.

Essential for the intelligent meeting room are AI-driven cameras. Huddly cameras can adjust the view according to room size and participant numbers, focus on an individual speaker to help hold attention, and capture whiteboards and presentations for remote participants.

The Huddly Crew system creates a more cinematic experience, through smart, real-time edits. Like having a director in charge, the system seamlessly transitions between different shots and angles – to capture speakers, body language cues, reactions and content.

Creating Smarter Hybrid Meetings with Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft’s development of Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms is a response to the demands of modern hybrid working.

The intelligent meeting room tool is only as good as the technology used to bring out its best features. The right combinations can help organisations and employees to have more inclusive, immersive, engaging and productive hybrid meetings.

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