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Huddly Crew Cameras Bring a Touch of Hollywood to Hybrid Meetings in the Smart Workplace

Huddly Crew Cameras Bring a Touch of Hollywood to Hybrid Meetings in the Smart Workplace

The growing world of hybrid working means more hybrid meetings.

One challenge with using medium and large rooms is sound quality. Another is ensuring all people are seen and feel fully engaged.

Some AV cameras focus on bigger megapixel counts for better image quality. But Huddly Crew has gone much further – adding a touch of Hollywood movie magic to create an immersive hybrid meeting experience for all participants, whether in the room or remote.

Move Over Spielberg, AI is Directing This One

You won’t need to hire Steven Spielberg, Kathryn Bigelow or Martin Scorsese to create an engaging intelligent meeting room experience.

Huddly Crew is an AI-driven multi-camera system that directs and edits the action in real-time – just like a director would behind the scenes of a live show.

It feels like the closest thing to having everyone in the room.

Huddly Crew

Flexible and Future-Proof AV Camera Design for Medium, Large and XL Rooms

For flexibility, the modular design of the award-winning Huddly Crew cameras easily adapts to different room sizes and settings; from the boardroom to more casual collaboration areas, from medium to large spaces.

Setting up is simple. USB plug and play works across major platforms. Just connect these premium 6K cameras and they automatically find each other. No manual configuration required. With no moving parts, pan, tilt and zoom functions can be adjusted smoothly, silently and instantly.

Automatic white balance, colour correction and low-light adjustments help to present the best image. Adaptable hardware and software updates make for easy upgrades and scalability.

A New Way to Connect and Collaborate in the Smart Workplace

Huddly Crew represents a new way to collaborate and connect with video conferencing and hybrid meetings in the smart workplace.

It’s like having a film crew working silently in the background, to create an immersive and more engaging experience for every participant.

If saddled with a single standard camera, you only get one viewpoint. That can mean a few hidden faces, people having to lean awkwardly forward or back, distractions, and difficulty in reading responses. It can result in disconnection or disengagement.

Huddly Genius Framing overcomes these issues for smaller rooms. For medium and larger meeting rooms, the solution is Huddly Crew.

Innovation to Deliver the Best Hybrid Meeting Experience

The multi-camera arrangement, with three carefully placed cameras, delivers a true to life view. The focus is on people not the space, to give people a closer connection to other participants.

Huddly Director is an AI-based feature that operates directly on the Huddly cameras. It edits the meeting in real time to create a better hybrid meeting experience for all participants, regardless of location.

The cameras capture different viewpoints. Smart, real-time edits seamlessly transition between different shots and angles to create an engaging and effective experience.

Switching shot means you can focus attention on the speaker, capture non-verbal reactions of listeners, show what is on whiteboards or flipcharts, or present a room overview. The ability to pick up gestures and small facial expressions helps to gauge engagement levels, responses to ideas and the energy on the video conference call.

Of course, there is no substitute for everyone being in the room in person. But hybrid meetings are now the norm so organisations are having to adapt.

Huddly Crew is an innovation designed with an understanding of how the quality of the meeting impacts on the quality of human connection, communication, visual collaboration, engagement and productivity.

It takes the magic of Hollywood and sprinkles it into the intelligent meeting room. A smart solution for today’s smart workplace.

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