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How AV Technology Creates Intelligent Meeting Rooms – Even in the Biggest Spaces

How AV Technology Creates Intelligent Meeting Rooms – Even in the Biggest Spaces

With hybrid working in the ascendancy, organisations are having to give more consideration to the space they have – and how they use it.

Leaders want to maintain culture and core values. However, they also recognise the need to provide a smart workplace experience that goes beyond what remote working offers.

Finding the technology to support that is easier with smaller spaces but more challenging with large or XL intelligent meeting rooms.

Different Rooms for Different Uses in the Smart Workplace

With hybrid working established, organisations have a better understanding of the different types of space needed for greater visual collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Today’s more dynamic business landscape demands flexibility, shifting from traditional presentation and discussion spaces to more versatile designs. Different types of meetings require specific layouts and settings to facilitate meaningful communication, engagement and productivity.

Common types of smart workplace environments are large boardrooms, project rooms, learning spaces, collaboration spaces, flexible rooms and divisible spaces.

Seating might be in rows, around tables, grouped into sections or fill the whole room – according to the intended use.

The Technical Challenges with Large and XL Rooms

Large rooms (wider than 5m and longer than 7m, or XL up to 12 x 17m) often mean big AV challenges.

At L to XL size, most microphones struggle with whole room pick up or delivering great audio quality. Especially if people are moving around for active visual collaboration.

If only using one fixed camera, heads can block views of people at the far end of the table. What’s written on whiteboards or flipcharts is hard to see for remote participants. If screens are too small, it can be difficult to see everyone.

And trying to join different meetings with different conferencing platforms can add to the frustration.

How do you ensure everyone is seen, heard and fully engaged?

Making AV Work Well in Larger Intelligent Meeting Rooms

Average “all in ones” or separate cabled mic extensions struggle to deliver great audio in larger rooms. ProAV solutions can prove expensive, complicated, slow to install and difficult to ‘scale’ across many rooms.

For consistently high quality audio, Nureva’s Microphone Mist™ technology provides flexible and whole room pick-up. Everyone is heard whether in the room or remote.

An AI-driven, multi-camera set up with Huddly covers all your angles: adapting the view to who is in the room so all faces are visible, active focus on the speaker, and capture of flipchart notes and whiteboard drawings so all can see.

Large intelligent meeting rooms cry out for large or multiple screens. Jupiter’s range of touchscreen 21:9 ultra-wide displays make video conferencing and visual collaboration a breeze.

Adding a multi-platform device from Mago delivers fuss-free launch and control of online meetings plus seamless sharing. It works with all the most popular platforms.

These smart workplace solutions are scalable and adapt easily to differently sized spaces. They are easy to install, support and manage. They provide consistently high quality, room data for analytics and numerous integrations.

Designing Intelligent Meeting Rooms for the Smart Workplace

Designating meeting rooms for specific uses makes logical sense for hybrid working organisations.

Tailored spaces create the right environment for enhanced focus, engagement and productivity. Divisible rooms offer flexibility, to host different meeting sizes and activities at the same time.

Customising for visual collaboration fosters teamwork, knowledge sharing and ideation among team members. Well-equipped boardrooms make for efficient and distraction-free decision-making.

Organisations which embrace the smart workplace make their offices better places to work. A way to impress employees, clients and partners.

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