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Microsoft Certification of Nureva HDL410 Highlights the Growing Importance of Audio Conferencing Systems for Large Meeting Spaces

Microsoft Certification of Nureva HDL410 Highlights the Growing Importance of Audio Conferencing Systems for Large Meeting Spaces

The announcement of Microsoft Certification for the Nureva HDL410 could be seen as just another news story in the AV and audio conferencing world.

However, there’s more to it than that. The Microsoft Certification underlines two key trends.

Firstly, organisations’ rising use of flexible meeting space with large rooms and extra-large rooms. Secondly, the growing importance of high quality audio conferencing systems for large meeting spaces.

Large Rooms Present Bigger Audio Conferencing Challenges for Microsoft Teams Meetings

Organisations now understand that the smart workplace requires flexible meeting room space, to allow employees to communicate well and work productively together.

Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) is designed to create an immersive meeting experience for any size of room. However, that is only possible if the supporting audio conferencing system is up to the task.

With smaller intelligent meeting rooms the audio set-up is usually straightforward. However, large and XL conference rooms and meeting rooms present a bigger audio challenge.

Different meeting uses – such as board meetings, conference meetings, presentations, Town Hall meetings, training sessions and project meetings – have different audio requirements.

For best engagement and least distraction, everyone attending needs to be heard – and heard clearly. That’s the case whether they are at the front, back or corner of the room, or participating remotely.

Microsoft Certification of the Nureva HDL410 is a Recognition of Quality and Innovation in Audio Conferencing Systems

Microphones suspended from the ceiling can look ungainly. Cabled mic extensions struggle to deliver great audio in larger conference rooms.

It’s why Nureva developed its patented Microphone Mist technology. The system fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones. The result is whole-room audio pick-up and clear, quality audio – wherever participants are or facing.

This helps to create the immersive, inclusive and highly collaborative hybrid meeting experience that Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed for.

The Nureva HDL310 audio conferencing system was fully certified by Microsoft Teams for large rooms in October. The Nureva HDL410 has now become the first microphone and speaker bar solution certified for extra-large Microsoft Teams Rooms.

To achieve this status, Nureva’s audio conferencing system had to go through the strict Microsoft Teams certification process.

Organisations Want Audio Conferencing Systems to Deliver Simplicity and Ease of Use for Large Meeting Spaces

What Microsoft understands is that the future of work is likely to be modelled around hybrid working.

Organisations are seeking solutions which help their employees to have productive, efficient and collaborative meetings. Connecting people in the room and remotely with minimum fuss or distraction is what Microsoft Teams Rooms is all about.

The Nureva HDL410 was designed with a similar mindset. It can be easily incorporated into the design of almost any extra-large Teams-enabled meeting space, including boardrooms and training spaces.

The system uses two wall-mounted microphone and speaker bars to deliver high quality audio coverage for smart meeting spaces up to 10.7m x 16.8m (35 feet by 55 feet).

Nureva says the technology can be installed in under an hour and automatically calibrates sound in the room on first start-up – and continuously after that. Removing distracting background noise and fine-tuning sound quality throughout helps Microsoft’s AI-driven CoPilot to transcribe meeting audio recordings with accuracy.

The Nureva audio conferencing system can be monitored and managed using a secure cloud-based platform called Nureva Console.

Certification means Microsoft clearly see Nureva audio conferencing solutions as an excellent fit for Microsoft Teams Rooms – for large and extra-large meeting spaces.

Delivering Seamless AV Integration with Audio Conferencing Solutions

Another aspect of audio conferencing systems which is important to organisations is how well it works with other AV technology for smart meetings and visual collaboration: including AI-driven cameras, ultra-wide displays, conference call platforms and BYOD.

Nureva ticks the box on that score. It’s a good match with brands like Huddly and Jupiter as well as Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Because of its smart audio conferencing technology, the Nureva system can adapt to changing spaces, including divisible rooms which form part of larger rooms.

Going Big with Audio Conferencing Solutions for Large Meeting Spaces

The trend with intelligent meeting rooms is to provide flexible space, matching size of space to the nature of the meeting.

Large rooms, including divisible rooms, are an increasingly common feature of the smart workplace. Going big is more about having the vision and creating the capability of the space, rather than spending more than you need to.

Audio technology solutions like Nureva – which work with Microsoft Teams and other platforms, deliver quality and value, and are easy to use – are quietly making a big noise.

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