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Why Microsoft Teams Meetings are Seeing a Popularity Surge in the Hybrid Workplace

Why Microsoft Teams Meetings are Seeing a Popularity Surge in the Hybrid Workplace

The growth in hybrid working has given rise to a huge popularity surge in the use of Microsoft Teams meetings.

Microsoft Teams has become the platform of choice for many organisations, with a reported 320 million active users around the world. It’s easy to see why.

The challenge, for organisations using it, is to find the right smart meeting technology to deliver the best Microsoft Teams Rooms experience in the space available.

Facilitating Flexible Space for Different Types of Microsoft Teams Meeting

Microsoft’s success with Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) is down to how well it has understood – and adapted to – the evolving requirements of the smart workplace.

The future of work appears to be the hybrid working world. Organisations demand productivity, efficiency and performance. They want their employees to be able to connect, communicate, get organised and stay informed.

Using MTR for Microsoft Teams Meetings allows organisations to create smart meeting spaces designed for visual collaboration.

Flexible enough to scale for medium, large and extra-large (XL) meeting rooms; from boardroom to conference room, presentation space to training space. Easy to set up, manage and keep things secure. Adaptive to allow use of multiple devices in the BYOD age.

Microsoft Teams Meetings Get Everyone Heard – In the Room and Remote Workspaces

Part of why Microsoft Teams Rooms is rising in popularity is because it is designed to ensure every voice in a hybrid working meeting is heard and identified. That requires intelligent speakers – and cameras, such as AI-driven solutions from Huddly – which integrate well with the platform.

The Microphone Mistä technology from Nureva fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones to provide an inclusive meeting experience. It means everyone can be heard, wherever they are located or facing.

Nureva’s HDL410 has become the first microphone and speaker bar solution certified by Microsoft Teams for extra-large Microsoft Teams Meetings, joining the HDL310 which is certified for large rooms.

The Nureva audio system automatically calibrates the room acoustics when first used and keeps optimising the sound throughout every meeting.

Maximising Display Screen Real Estate with Microsoft Teams Rooms for a More Engaged Smart Meeting Experience

Microsoft Teams Rooms offers inclusive video layouts to focus meeting attendees by putting the spotlight on important video and content.

It helps to create a deeper connection between people in the room and those participating remotely. This helps to improve levels of engagement, communications and visual collaboration.

The favoured layout is Front Row. Remote participants can, for example, be seen on the display at room level with shared content, chat messages and raised hands featured above the attendee gallery.

Because this layout provides more information, for hybrid meeting equity, it is best handled by ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio. This is particular relevant for larger rooms where larger size displays, such as the flexible range from Jupiter, match best.

Too small a screen may give a ‘congested’ view. Too large a screen can feel overwhelming for attendees. Either way, it can be distracting. Having the right size of ultra-wide display for the room brings out the best of Microsoft Teams meeting features.

Fostering Powerful Visual Collaboration in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Jupiter ultra-wide 21:9 displays deliver optimal screen real estate, sharp definition and rich sound quality. That makes visual collaboration much easier for those working in Microsoft Teams Rooms, whether medium, large or XL.

Simple set-up and one touch join with MTR means employees can get straight to work in every meeting.

Participants can share content using PowerPoint Live and Excel Live from a personal device (with no cables or wires required). Project teams can run whiteboard sessions, co-edit documents and work with Microsoft 365 applications with ease.

Everything appears clear and nicely balanced on the ultra-wide 21:9 screen. Matched with Nureva audio, everyone is heard clearly.

Keeping Up with the Microsoft Teams Meeting Trends

Microsoft is positioning itself as a leading player in providing solutions within the hybrid working, intelligent meeting room and smart workplace arena.

We are likely to see more and more updates and improvements to platforms like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms in the months and years ahead.

Organisations using Microsoft Teams would do well to explore integrated and future-proof solutions – for both their smart meeting AV and for video conferencing for large rooms and extra-large (XL) rooms.

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