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Nureva unveils Active Zone Control for HDL300 systems

Nureva unveils Active Zone Control for HDL300 systems

The technology breakthrough that gives audio conferencing customers unprecedented control over audio pickup zone in large spaces.

The addition of Active Zone Control to the Microphone Mist technology platform that powers the Nureva HDL300 and Dual HDL300 audio conferencing systems gives users a new level of control over the thousands of virtual microphones that fill a space and provide full-room audio coverage.

Using a simple, visual interface in Nureva Room Manager software, IT staff can designate a zone within the room to be optimised for audio pickup. The system reduces the pickup outside the active zone by disabling the virtual microphones in that part of the space. Unlike technologies that attempt to create pickup zones by turning physical microphones or beams on and off, Active Zone Control leverages the unique nature of virtual microphones to provide user control over the size and dimensions of the pickup zone.

Active Zone Control is ideal for any scenario in large spaces where it’s important for audio pickup to be focused on a specific area of a room, such as lecture capture or presentations where audio is being recorded or listened to by remote participants. Presenters can speak and move freely within the active zone without the need for a lapel mic or complex ceiling-mounted solution.

The feature can also be used to designate an audio pickup area in an open office environment where teams huddle for meetings involving remote participants. For situations where a user wants to capture voices outside the zone, Active Zone Control can be easily turned off using a single button on the HDL300 system remote control. 

The ability to easily designate the audio pickup zone is a breakthrough that will be invaluable for higher education and business customers.   It’s a simple solution that overcomes the many challenges associated with alternative products and approaches.

Active Zone Control will be available from the end of March 2019 and will be made available through an included device subscription and is backward compatible for existing HDL300 systems.

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