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Have you ever thought about what collaboration isn’t?

Have you ever thought about what collaboration isn’t?

You can read any number of articles about collaboration and what it is. But in this article we look at what it isn’t.

If we look at the dictionary definition of collaboration, it is ‘The action of working with someone to produce something’.  

Collaboration is a key issue within the AV and technology. It’s everywhere.  And yes, we can accept that when it comes to sharing voice and video, you could describe a conference call, for example, as collaboration. 

At least each party can claim that by talking to each other, and seeing each other, a consensus can be reached. 

But one thing’s for sure, when it comes to data, sharing a screen with one person driving a touch screen is NOT collaboration.  

Think about it, how does that actually support collaboration?  All we are doing is creating a conversation around the data. Everyone will keep their own written record of what was discussed, whether in a physical notebook or on a device. 

So often, when teams need to have a written record and work with someone to produce something, they revert to familiar tools – paper, flipcharts, whiteboards and post it notes. Then someone takes a photo and shares this with the team!

This diagram shows where the emphasis lies in many of today’s ‘collaboration’ solutions.

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Is this the best we can do in 2019?

What’s often missing from today’s experience is:

  • A documented record – so there is no audit trail and no accountability
  • The ability for all users to contribute to the written record
  • True interaction on the data – not just the voice and video

The result is often that:

  • One person’s data tends to drive the conversation
  • You end up with multiple sets of notes – usually handwritten or typed individually and probably each with a different emphasis
  • There’s a lack of agreed actions
  •  It becomes a real challenge to review where we were last time

We understand why this happens.  All too often it is a technology barrier.  

What’s missing is a system that supports anywhere, any device, anytime collaboration.

If you really want to achieve true collaboration for all users, regardless of location, in one place, there are solutions available right now to help you do that.

Nureva has developed products with team collaboration at their heart, whether sharing data through the Span Workspace and Wall solution, or audio via HDL300 ensuring every participant has a voice.

In fact, Nureva solutions can solve ALL of the problems that are highlighted above.

  • Quickshare – allows anyone, from any device to contribute notes and images
  • Access any part of the canvas anytime, anywhere from any device
  • The canvas is always live, regardless of time
  • Versions can be created to show “snapshots” in time
  • Digital and analogue content can be captured and interacted with
  • All users can see and contribute to the canvas
  • Excel reports create an audit trail and “useable” data
  • Span Workspace runs on any device or screen
  • Nureva Wall enhances the experience to see more data    

The result turns collaboration on its head, putting the emphasis on true data collaboration.

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If you are interested in seeing Nureva collaboration systems in action, please contact us to arrange a demonstration or a visit to Workplace House where the systems can be seen supporting a working environment.

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