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Where’s George?

Where’s George?

Discover for Yourself the Clear and Consistently Excellent Sound Quality Possible in Larger Smart Meeting Rooms

Operating a hybrid workplace and offering flexible working appears to be the norm in many countries. This means most smart meetings are going to be held in hybrid fashion – some people in the room, some attending remotely.

Hybrid Workplaces Need Smart Meeting Space

This presents both opportunities and challenges for organisations.

Hybrid meetings require smart meeting rooms with the right technology to enable participants and attendees to be engaged, communicate and collaborate effectively.

Setting up for small spaces is relatively straightforward. However, supporting larger rooms presents a much bigger AV challenge.

The Biggest AV Challenge for Large and XL Rooms

Organisations with larger meeting spaces or using divisible rooms (that can be split into two or more spaces) benefit from a balance of capacity and flexibility.

But these larger or flexible spaces require more thought around logistics, layout and technology. This includes furniture, connectivity, routing, control, visual collaboration tools, video cameras and, of course, the biggest challenge of all – audio quality.

Most AV solutions can handle a front-of-room speaker or small gatherings around a table. The toughest challenge with large and XL smart meeting rooms is usually to ensure everyone can be heard – wherever they are in the room.

That’s where audio solutions from Nureva, with its Microphone Mist technology, come into their own.

Demonstrating Clear and Consistent Sound for Smart Meetings

Rather than we tell you how good Nureva’s HDL audio solutions are, see and hear for yourself in this fun video.

One of our Business Development Team members, George, has hidden himself in different places around a large meeting room.

Watch our “Where’s George?” video and listen. Can you spot where George is speaking from?

Did you guess correctly?

Experience the Difference with Nureva Audio Solutions

For hybrid meetings to work well for employees and other attendees, the set up and support has to be right – especially for larger rooms.

Some audio solutions struggle to capture people at the back, in the corners or at the side of a room. Not so with Nureva. Users can be heard anywhere in the room, no matter what.

To take a closer look at how Nureva can work for you, book a demo.

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