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Once again we are proud to revolutionise the way you meet. Since 2010, Evoko Room Manager has taken the hassle out of room bookings. This was the original touch-screen solution for all your meeting rooms. No more double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. Now we are launching the next generation room manager: Evoko Liso. Even brighter and lovelier to look at, believe it or not. With the same mission as ever – making sure all your meeting rooms are being used in a truly effective way.


Simple user experience

The fact that Evoko Liso looks fantastic, provides a simple user interface and integrates with your company calendar system are all key points to drive adoption. However, there are lots of other features that users love with Evoko Liso. The red or green halo light provides immediate comprehension of availability, ideal for anyone in a rush. If a user cannot find a meeting room they can use any Evoko Liso to search all available meeting rooms, find a free meeting room and book from the Evoko Liso they are using. The experience is simple, the outcome ensures meetings run smoothly.

The value to a business

Although a simple user experience is key to driving user adoption and a professional, modern business environment, the true value of Evoko Liso is in the things you cannot see. Evoko Home provides a simple, company-wide management tool to ensure Evoko Liso can be easily deployed and managed. The Evoko Home platform provides a range of reporting functions such as the number of meeting rooms booked and not confirmed on the screen – ie the times people do not turn up for their meeting. Reports also include the number of times faulty equipment is reported from the screen. Evoko Liso is a company-wide, meeting room management platform, not just a beautiful touchscreen.

Evoko LisoNext Generation Room Management

What is the Liso?

Effective Room Booking

The Evoko Liso is a next-generation touch-screen solution for managing meeting room bookings. Following the success of Evoko’s original Room Manager solution, the company’s latest product takes the intuitive user interface to a whole new level. Designed to make sure all of your meeting rooms are being used in a truly effective way, Evoko Liso removes the all too common problems of double bookings, unnecessary confusion and interrupted meetings. 

Evoko Liso makes it easier than ever to book a room with either a digital calendar or directly on the screen using your fingertip. All information is elegantly presented on the screen and it actually changes on the display when someone walks up to it, always showing the most relevant details. Users can book, end or extend a meeting directly from the clock or use the calendar to search for other rooms based on availability, size and equipment. 

Evoko Liso also gives you full insight into your company meeting patterns to really optimise resources and, with open API, the solution integrates smoothly with other third-party systems to make your meetings even smoother.

Integrates with Existing Software

The Evoko Liso display is an eight-inch capacitive touchscreen with anti-fingerprint treatment that can be mounted on either standard or glass walls. The solution is compatible with all of the platforms you would expect – Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange, Google G Suite, IBM/Lotus Domino and Evoko’s standalone version, Evoko Booking. 

The solution incorporates a 3-way indirect light aura to make room status visible from a distance, the simple green and red light aura allows you to see at a glance whether the room is vacant. The open API integrates with other third party systems, for instance, it could connect to the room’s AC and be set to turn it on before a meeting is scheduled to start.  

The RFID/NFC and PIN verification enables easy identification for on-screen bookings and the possibility to restrict access for certain rooms or groups. Communication takes place via a real-time two-way connection and the solution can be managed remotely with multi-site support. 

How does it work?
Why the Liso?

Fast, Convenient, and Functional

Meeting room management is one of the most basic but frustrating requirements in today’s busy office environments. Swedish innovators Evoko have created the perfect solution to alleviate the disruption caused by mismanaged room bookings. The new, sleekly designed Evoko Liso is easy to install and as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. The solution requires no extra plug-ins or additional software to learn, using it is simple and self-explanatory so anyone can master it without prior training. 

As Evoko Liso gives you full insight into your business’s meeting patterns it means you can really optimise resources. You get decision-making support that helps to cuts cost by analysing statistics in the web-based Evoko Home and ensures you get the right room for every single meeting. It has never been easier to open the door to a much more efficient meeting culture. 

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