Simple, Smart, Connected

Integrated LED Walls with the MAXHUB Raptor Series

MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall’s offer spectacular display and all-in-one collaboration tools that spur engagement and elevate productivity in every corporate environment. The latest Integrated LED Wall, the Raptor Series, was created to radically simplify control and setting features, this LED Wall will help participants and presenters alike to interact more naturally, and completely. The integrated studio-quality speaker enhances voice intelligibility, and cutting-edge operating system support improves overall performance.

Super simple and streamlined all-in-one technology

Enjoy the perfect presentation or communication experience with MAXHUB all-in-one LED displays.
(图10)LED Plus丨无线批注

Collaborate quickly and easily

In the UK, 75% of meetings include either video or screen sharing or both. Modern meeting room displays must include features that enable collaborative working.

MAXHUB displays support seamless connections through the most up-to-date operating systems and built-in sharing features.

Key Features

轻奢外观丨Ultra-thin ICON
Ultra-thin 110mm bezel with 95% screen ratio
Type-C丨Light sensor ICON
Light sensor for dynamic
brightness adjustment
音响丨Built-in vibration ICON
Built-in vibration dampening technology
MAXConfig丨Remote power ICON
Remote power, brightness, signal source
volume, and window size management
音响丨Fully integrated ICON
Fully integrated 2x30W speakers
无线批注丨Real-time ICON (1)
Easy connections to third-party
control systems
无线批注丨Easy connections ICON
Real-time annotations for
easy collaboration
MAXConfig丨Instant remote ICON
Instant remote and reverse control
via tablet, smartphone & PC

Amazing audio built in

The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall Raptor Series include built-in speakers that ensure exceptional audio quality with studio-grade, professionally tuned clarity every time.
(图4)LED Plus丨三合一
(图5)LED Plus丨HDMI

MAXConfig software delivers exceptional control

Proprietary MAXConfig technology provides easy control and intuitive access to all interactive features through your personal device. You can even extend functionality to your third-party system.

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